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NPC: Chrysos

Location: White Stone Vermor Castle Vermor Castle Dungeon

Coordinates: 154, 133

A gargoyle, serving his creator's wishes despite that he knows his creator is dead.


Speak the Words

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*You peak around the corner and see a gargoyle standing dormant. At first, you think it is just a carved statue, but then you see its head turn toward you. You break out in sweat, but the creature does not attack and holds its position. You nearly lose it when it then speaks to you.* Be afraid not. 'Attack do not unless attacked,' master says.

Who are you?
A gargoyle I am. Chrysos I have been named. Other gargoyles will talk to you not I fear. The Creator's wishes they serve.

The Lord of Vermor he is. Mostly my kind sees his title not, but the true heir he is. The ruler of Vermor I live to serve and my Creator I no longer answer.

Heir? Creator?
The Lord's veins with Vermor blood run. The Creator is dead I know - the one to create my kind he was. With the Creator gone, his family will rule he said. By the Creator's words I live and so they are. Fit to give orders my other Lord is not.

Why don't they see his title?
The Creator is still alive they believe. Created to be intelligent we were not, my kind, created to serve we were. The Creator is not yet lost most believe. This too I thought. But when the Lord came, sensed his bloodline I could. Joined me, others did, but not many.

His soldiers, guardians, and servants he wished us to be. Our lives we owe him. Life the Creator gave us, so ours to him we give. Before the Creator vanished, 'attack anyone who enters,' he said. Some into the outside lands to cause havoc he sent. The Lord wishes that not. The reason I do not attack you this is. Attack me, some still do however. But back to life I come.

Other Lord
No longer human he is. Now in the form of an ogre he is. The curse of Adrian him it affects much. Speak of it more I will not.

Back to life
From the death in the underworld the God of Death blocked us. Many times I have died but maEL-DB.comny times I have returned. The balance of the world it throws off but our task it continues.

Who attacks you?
Basileus is his name. Our treasure he seeks and temporary death he brings to us. Listen to my reason he will not and pain is what his sword brings.

Some say treasure is all we guard but only half true that is. Many secrets does this castle hold and guard its secrets we must. One secret the Creator forbade us to enter, so my kind will know of that secret not. Never more... never more...

Across the lands my kind are. The tasks of the Creator they are to fulfill. Every corner of the world can we be found, but where we originated from can you guess? The Creator had help from The Maker. Making my kind has the Maker's family been doing for years. Too the Maker is dead, but his work his family continues. The stones in the Land of Emeralds first gave birth to my kind.

Land of Emeralds
Where the soil is rich with precious gems is where it is. Plagued by sorrow, my kind inhabits the lands. Guardians of the Maker and his family they are.

My warning you must heed. Our secrets seek not or next time as friendly I may not be.