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NPC: Circe

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 167, 27

A magic user who has visions of events and outcomes.


Speak the Words

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You see a richly-clad dwarf, perfectly still with her eyes closed as if were sleeping. And yet, you have a feeling she is aware of your presence.

*She opens her eyes in a flash.* Hello visitor... I knew someone was coming, there was a whisper in the still air that rules this cave. What brings you here? Have you come to seek the wisdom of Circe?

Ah, adventure... I used to seek adventure in my time. I was just going back in my mind to those glorious times when we dwarves were powerful rulers... now we have to content ourselves with our current lot in life.

I was looking for you.
Oh, that's nice of you. But you could have just made an appointment with my secretary in the city. I often come down here to enjoy the quiet. My visions come better when I am alone in the dark.

Powerful rulers.
Well, let's say we dwarves have seen better days. Nowadays, we are slowly recovering from the war; some of our cities on the surface have been devastated, and the fighting has left spiritual as well as physical scars. King Gondric is doing his best to heal those scars, but other people, such as the humans from White Stone, are now making inroads into our traditional trading areas.

Visions of the past, visions of old times, visions so real I can make them real... You see the table prepared for the banquet there? How long do you think the food would stay fresh if I did not come here?

Gondric is the King. You really must come from some uncivilized land if you don't know who Gondric is. Do me a favor, turn your feet to the nearest exit, get some fresh air, and ask any self-respecting dwarf about King Gondric. Oh, and he will tell you about this latest fancy of Gondric's, the Every Dwarf Healthy plan.

Old times
In old times, all this complex of mines was managed by and swarming with dwarves. Everyone could come and go at will and the rich lodes of gold were making Gondric a fortune, not to mentioEL-DB.comn the coal. And with the blue quartz here, we were getting a share into Nordcarn's main trade. Then during the war, the place was overrun by goblins and orcs; they still infest the mines.

My magic is strong enough that I have nothing to fear, and other good warriors such as Stryker or Gondric himself can manage on their own, but we cannot really exploit the place anymore; younger dwarves would be unable to stand the orcs. Good old Erokin and others help keep the goblins in check in the upper caves, but it is rare for people to come here to the deepest level.

Make them real
With magic, of course. This particular spell I am researching can preserve things from the passing of time, as if they were frozen in the past. I can only preserve small things for a limited time, but it has been said that the mages in Tirnym once had perfected the spell. Alas, that knowledge perished with Tirnym itself during the war.

The plan
*She takes a deep breath, pausing for a second...* Well, it all started some time ago; King Gondric wants to provide free healthcare to every dwarf on Draia - an ambitious plan, but it could bestow many benefits to many people, if properly executed... I already offered him my services and advice.

*Her look is transfixed, as if she was reliving those days.* The war was terrible. I did my part to help cure the wounded, but we had so many casualties... oh, worst of days! Warriors on the frontline at least were caught in the excitement of battle, but for us waiting, and waiting, and waiting on the home front... and then, when the warriors came back, we looked at them from the walls only to realize our love

was not among them... *Tears start flowing from her eyes.* Please, don't ask me more... There are better places in the past where my visions can take me.

Erokin guards the entrance to the caves from Valley of the Dwarves. He is a nice guy. If you haven't spoken with him yet, make sure you do - you will not regret it! *You see a smile forming on her face...*

He is the King's Chief of Security, and a pretty good military leader - not to mention, a very charming dwarf... BEL-DB.comut I digress. If you meet him, I'm sure you will see he is not a great supporter of magic, but nobody's perfect...

*Her gaze becomes fixed, as if she is having visions.* Tirnym was the land south of White Stone, a gentle, rich and developed country that was swarming with people and flooded with magic. Now that place is no more, and terrifying monsters roam the land. Or, maybe not now. I am confused. *She focuses back to you.*

My advice is obvious, really; the most cost-effective way to provide health is by magic. Ask any inhabitant of Draia, they know it. Who wants to use those lousy potions anyway? Who can afford the time to just rest forever and hoping their diseases will heal by chance? With a strong mind and some essences, I can cure any ailment. Magic rules!

Magic is the art of altering reality to suit your will. It requires study, discipline, and talent. If you want to know the theory, visit Tarsengaard's Magic School, they know it all there. But if you consider the practicalities... it is really simple. Just give a dwarf some health essence, and he will heal himself. Give him health and magic essences, and he could cure others. Add some spirit and life essence, and

he will be able to cure his pets. It's all there, really: given enough essences, health is within our grasp. And the key to all that is SILVER! *She smiles at you, as if you should now realize the greatness of her mind. Then, seeing your blank face, ...* You are not convinced.

Silver is the key to making health, spirit and life essences, and we will need a plethora of these. We have lots of gold here, and we used to trade it for silver with the folks in Desert Pines... but that will not get us anywhere for mass production. That's why I recommended to Gondric to invade Morcraven Marsh and establish a dwarven colony there!

I already discussed the issue with Stryker, he agreed: the enterprise will require just a small dwarven force, blitz style! We can get all the silver we need from Morcraven Marsh caves, and more! We only need to convince King Gondric... *her voice lowers* No need to mine more gold, we should think expansion, not exploitation and consumption of our own resources!

Not at all
*A mild irritation can be caught in her gaze* I hope you are not one of those that would rather use those old-fashioned methods... and impoverish our counEL-DB.comtry, giving out our gold for the benefit of other peoples. But alas, think about it, maybe we will talk again another time. Remember though: Magic rules!

Sure I am
Ah, excellent my friend! You and I would make a good team, you know. Now, if you please, don't waste any opportunity to convince others that our plan is indeed the best! Healthcare for everyone, and greatness to dwarfkind! Magic rules!

*She bows as you exit.*