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NPC: Clint

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 63, 235

Chopper and provider of yew.


Speak the Words

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A mammoth Orchan surveys a Yew tree as he leans aEL-DB.comgainst a giant axe. He looks up as you approach.

Who are you?
*Guttural sounds seem to issue from the Orchan before he speaks* I Clint

What's with the axe?
*You step back as he gives it a good swing over his head* Strong axe break Yew. Yew strong wood, like Orchan wood. Clint chop Yew, best chopper.

Strong tree. *He pats the tree next to him causing dead needles and cones to crash to the mossy ground.* Archer use yew, make bow, make arrow. Engineer use yew, make wards. *He rubs the fingers of one hand together* Clint make much gold.

Bow arrow new make Dragburn. Arrow kill distance monster. *He pounds the axe for a moment to emphasise* Coward kill monster distance stand. Risk self not. Dragburn many arrow make, different arrow make.

Dragburn! *He proclaims proudly banging the axe into the ground for emphasis* My member tribe. *A giant knuckle taps his head as he searches for a word* Smart archer build much new. I yew chop, he craft. Dragburn make archery test place. Many yew I chop, much he need. Dragburn different I.

True warrior fight close, take enemy damage. Archer *He sneers slightly in scorn* distance make enemy's death. No self risk, no worry. Archer no true warrior.

Different? How?
Archer, fighter is Dragburn. Many death he cause. Know different way, human and gnome Good talk common. Not make tree chop, heavy lift not. Think more, fight more. I no kill.

Archery Place
Big hut, make learn new. He call Fire Target *He mumbles and you can't catch the rest of it* explode place, make big fire. Test place, much learn there.

*He shakes a shaggy head almost sadly* Kill not I. Strength *He swings the axe again* judge bad, know bad. Young kill bad mistake. Kill not more, mistake make none.

What happened?
Clint young, stronger Orchan child. Little Chimeran pet, stay not, listen not. Clint punish, listen make. *He shrugs almost savagely* Own strength know not, Chimeran die that day. Clint no more mistake make. Chop yew, Clint do. One kill monster, tribe member make.

Special skill, Dragburn have. Change things make, new explodes. Know inside's, know how work. Arrow special, explode and animal follow Dragburn make. Yew much need, try many way. Much gold Clint make. Engineer make much Naralik, Viorel place set, danger mix. Dung sit, bombs make, yew used.

Peace go, strong be. Yew bye *He smiles wolfishly*