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NPC: Cozma

Location: Palon Vertas Gold Cave

Coordinates: 296, 282

A miner in the Palon Vertas gold cave, also the leader of the Miners Union.


Speak the Words

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You see a dwarf inspecting a wall. You guesEL-DB.coms he is some sort of engineer or inspector.

Who are you?
My name is Cozma. Welcome to our little mining operation here.

As everyone here, I am a miner. But I do many things, not just extract ore. I am the Miners Union leader, safety inspector and sometimes prospect the area for new mineral deposits.

Mining is a dangerous, hard job, and if we are not united we won't have many rights. Apala would love to exploit us all and just give us a few peanuts for a day of hard work. But being in an Union, we can negotiate collective rights, we can go on strike, and we can act as one when it comes to demanding what is ours. Our Union is part of the Miners Union, and virtually any miner from any continent is a member.

The walls need to be supported properly by wood beams. Those beams will sometimes degrade so they have to be inspected and replaced. Methane gas can blow us up if we are not careful. The dynamite we use has to be stored properly. The ventilation systems will fail over time, so they need to be checked and fixed or replaced. And last but not the least, the environmental filters need to be replaced every few days.

When you mine in an industrial fashion, the ore is quickly depleted. So new deposits must be found, which is what I also do. The methods used to find new deposits are either physical (digging and looking at the ore), or magical. The magical way is quite expensive, a little less reliable, but has the advantage of detecting ore located many meters away in the underground, so we don't have to guess where to dig.

She is our foreman. Her job description is to get as much ore as possible with as little cost as possible. So if it were up to her, we'd work for free, and there would be little or no safety regulations. We wouldn't get any vacation or insurance, and we'd work 16 hours a day. Obviously, this is not acceptable, which is the reason why we are part of an Union.

Now, you might think I have an axe to grind with her. The truth is, I am not the only one who thinks she likes to exploit us. Take Cedric, her husband, for examplEL-DB.come. He is a dwarf, worked in the mine since a young age, like most of us, but now he will rarely show up in here. Do you really think he enjoys fishing that much?

We use them to filter the sodium cyanide and other potentially dangerous chemicals used in the gold extraction process. If they are not replaced the toxins leak in the water which causes fish and other wild life to die. I try my best to change them as often as reasonably possible, but unfortunately, Apala thinks they are too expensive to be replaced twice a week. We surely could use a cheaper filtration technology..

But until then, we will keep polluting the waters, and I don't feel very good about it. Sometimes I feel like going to the Scribes Guild and make it all public. But if I do that, some people will lose their job, and they'll probably kick me out of PV.

Kick out
This gold mine is the only one on the continent, and gold is an important mineral. It is not surprising then that almost everyone living here wants it to stay open, despite the pollution. The mayor is looking the other way and pretends there is no problem. Which makes sense from a political point of view, after all, as I was saying, most voters want this mine to extract gold, and do it cheaply..

Scribes Guild
I think their 'official' name is Association of Scribes and Scholars, or ASS. They have representatives in most of the cities, looking for trouble. I think Brittani, the local ASS reporter, is aware about our cyanide problem, but she made no attempt to contact me, or even come and see what's going on. Maybe I am paranoid, but it could be that she is also afraid of looking into it.

See you.