The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Item: Creature food

Base Info

Creature food

Eaten automatically when in shapeshifted form. Shape is lost when there's no food left in inventory.

UNDROPPABLE! This item cannot be dropped on death.

Weight: 1 emu

Stackable: yes

Storage: potions, misc

Server Description: Needed for when in a shape shifted form.

Item ID / Image ID: 956 / 584

To Make

Skill: Potion

Recommended Skill Level: 64

Base Experience: 450

Food Used Per Mix: 35

Required Knowledge:
Book of Creature Food Book of Creature Food

Required Nexus: Vegetal 5

MULTIPLE ITEMS: A single mix will produce 60 of this item.


Total Ingredient Weight: 17 emu

Total Final Product Weight: 60 emu

TAKE NOTE! For this mix, the produced product weighs more than the ings. Have free inventory space when mixing.