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NPC: Crusher

Location: Arius

Coordinates: 142, 122

A priest of LaForge who is regularly called on to help repair inventions.


Speak the Words

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You see a small gnome painstakingly examining and adjusting the ropes and pulleys of the drawbridge He's humming a very catchy tune, one that could almost be martial in tone, yet inspiring at the same time.

Hello there
Oh, you found me! Good for you. Has Diesel sent you to check up on me?

Ahh... I guess not then. Diesel is the High Priest for LaForge. I too am a priest of LaForge, but a minor one in regards to him. How may I be of service to you?

High Priest
Bit of a recluse, that one. Doesn't like to be seen by just anyone. If you're looking for him, he's always in the temple to the southwest of here.

What are you doing?
Fixing. It's my gift and my curse. I wander around fixing things needing to be fixed, but sometimes people seek me out to help them with their own inventions. Like just the other day, an inventor stopped by with his gadget. Why he thought it would work with a torque limiter instead of a standard sprocket is beyond me, but once the parts were replaced, it worked great.

Who are you?
Goodness me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Crusher...well, it's not really my name, but that's what everyone calls me. It all started a long time ago...

In a galaxy far, far away?
No. Where no man has gone before. Anyway, as I was saying: when I was young, I was not quite as handy to know or have around as I am now. It has taken years and years of study for me to become the Engineer I am today. Invariably, as a child, things tended to stop working when I was around. Even then, I liked to tinker.

I found the insides of things much more interesting than the outsides, but that didn't makEL-DB.come me popular with other gnomes my age. They started calling me Crusher and the name stuck.

I love doing that. I love learning about how things work about as much as I do tinkering with the broken inventions I find. In a few months, once the dissertation review committee has had time to review my thesis, I'll graduate and gain my doctoral certificate - then I'll be Dr. Crusher! I can hardly wait. I hope my talents in hacking are noticed by them.

Yes. There is plenty of technology around you, even if you don't see it. I have found.. I guess you could say "back doors" that can let me access their systems for my own purposes. But shhh, Diesel isn't really fond of my talent.

This bridge got stuck last week, and they are too lazy to fix it by themselves, so they sent me to do it. I don't really mind, I enjoy repairing stuff, but I wish people would learn how to manage simple stuff like this bridge by themselves, and call me for the more complex problems.

Thanks for stopping by. If you ever need help getting your own inventions to work, look me up. Bye.