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NPC: Custan

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 109, 106

A militia leader in Nordcarn who watches for pirates trying to attack from the sky.


Speak the Words

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You see a stout looking Dwarf studying the sky EL-DB.comintently, with a look of concern upon his face.

Something wrong?
Aye, we haven't had a sight of those pirates for almost a week now; something is bound to happen soon.

Who are you?
My name is Custan, I lead the militia here in Nordcarn and take full responsibility for the safety of all the people here. *He gives you a look of slight mistrust.*

Yes, the same blasted pirates that have been troubling our neighbors in White Stone decided to move a bit north. They've been troubling us for weeks now; blew a giant hole clear through our walls. But that's not all we have to worry about, a thief has been plundering our supplies and goods as well.

Why stare at the sky?
These pirates have found a way to attack us from the air. They've been dropping exploding shells on us for weeks. If it wasn't for Morumi... well we wouldn't have any way to defend ourselves from such attacks. Dwarves aren't a militaristic race by nature, but my militia serves our purposes adequately.

Broken walls
Aye, a while back one of those blasted bombs hit our wall just behind town and blew a gaping hole straight through it. We've been working on repairs but those of us who can volunteer are almost always on duty in the militia. It will get done...eventually.

White Stone
Aye, White Stone is the land a ways south of here. Our two lands have been close for years; we provide help with masonry and crafts, and they help us from time to time with certain...problems. *He grimaces slightly.*

Aye, the militia is made up entirely of residents from Nordcarn and consists solely of volunteers. As dwarves we love our homes, our city, and ouEL-DB.comr people. Although we may lack an official army, when duty calls we can still defend ourselves. *He grasps the pommel of his sword with fervor.*

Ah, Morumi is a bit of a hero around these parts. The children love him for his fireworks, but here in the militia his missiles are a life saver. Without him, those pirates would have run us under a long time ago. Although strong, even Buni can't defend against an enemy that you can't hit. You can normally find Morumi sitting in front of the magic shop.

How do you defend yourselves?
At first we didn't know how, that's when they blew out our wall. It wasn't until Morumi and Aelric had the idea that he could change one of his fireworks into a self propelled missile that we were able to shoot some of the pirates right out of the sky. They didn't know what hit them. After that they started attacking less and less.

But don't get too comfortable, they may attack less often, but they're thinking of something, I just know it. *He again glares at the sky.*

Most travelers find it hard to believe, but it's the truth. The entire militia is a volunteer service, and a proud one at that.

What kind of... problems?
Ah, well before the pirates there was still Southern Kilaran - a vile place to be sure. The Ogres and Fluffy Rabbits from there would come into our city and kill mercilessly. They've certainly kept the Unclean One busy. A few years back it got so bad I decided to step up...and the militia has been here since.

Ah I'm not the one to talk to about those things. All that rickety, flying, popping, whizzing stuff is left to Morumi. If you have any questions about those you'd best go ask him about it.

I don't know much about them other than they stop those pirates from destroying our houses and taverns, especially our *He chuckles quietly.* If you're looking for some information about them I'm sure Morumi would be more than happy to explain.

The finest guard I have serving on my militia. He single-handedly defends the path to Southern Kilaran. Since we placed him there the attacks have all but stopped. He is very dedicated to his work. If I am ever to step down from my position, I could certainly see Buni taking my place.

Step up
We didn't always have this militia and even fewer soldiers at that. I myself never saw much battle; certainly not as much as Buni or some of the other guards. But I did my fair share of fighting... One afternoon, my son was playing outside, just past the main gate to the south, when a large group of Fluffy Rabbits and Ogres attacked.

I never saw my son again and vowed not only to get my revenge, but to protect the other families of Nordcarn. So when those who had fought in the Great War thought up the militia...I volunteered to lead it.

Ogres and Fluffy Rabbits
Vile, evil creatures. Ogres are monstrous beasts, that use brute force to kill and murder our innocent people - and Fluffy Rabbits are worse. They deceive people with their docile look and by the time people realize they've been tricked...well lets just say it's too's too late. *He looks off into the distance with a pained expression.*

Unclean one
Ah we don't talk much of him. His name is Kohtag, Kohtag the Unclean. He lost his place among our people and now he...he buries the dead. If you must see him you can find him in the graveyard to the north. *A disapproving look crosses his face.*

I will catch that blasted fool sooner or later. Countless times he has slipped away right under my nose! He stole crates of blackpowder recently and we have no idea why. I certainly hope he isn't involved with the pirates or else that could be disastrous. If I could only find his hideout... it has to be around here somewhere!

He's another engineer in the area, and boy, can that gnome talk. I've had to threaten him with my sword a few times, in jest of couEL-DB.comrse, to get him to shut up. But he is quite the talent for coming up with new inventions. I guess all gnomes are for the most part.

Keep your eyes on the sky traveler.