The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Dan

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 109, 694

Type: Bookseller

Bookseller in White Stone City, specializing in weapon and armor books.


Sells 29 items

Armor Construction Armor Construction500
Book of Axe Construction Book of Axe Construction10,000
Book of Iron Axe Construction Book of Iron Axe Construction10,000
Book of Steel Axe Construction Book of Steel Axe Construction10,000
Book of Titanium Axe Construction Book of Titanium Axe Construction10,000
Feet Armor Construction Feet Armor Construction500
Iron Broad Sword Construction Iron Broad Sword Construction500
Iron Chainmail Torso Construction Iron Chainmail Torso Construction2,500
Iron Cuisses Construction Iron Cuisses Construction5,000
Iron Greaves Construction Iron Greaves Construction8,000
Iron Helmet Construction Iron Helmet Construction1,000
Iron Plate Mail Construction Iron Plate Mail Construction20,000
Iron Shield Construction Iron Shield Construction1,000
Iron Sword Construction Iron Sword Construction400
Leather Helmet Construction Leather Helmet Construction400
Padded Leather Pants Construction Padded Leather Pants Construction500
Shields Construction Shields Construction500
Steel Chainmail Torso Construction Steel Chainmail Torso Construction5,000
Steel Long Sword Construction Steel Long Sword Construction1,000
Steel Shield Construction Steel Shield Construction5,000
Sword Construction Sword Construction200
Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction20,000
Titanium Long Construction Titanium Long Construction10,000
Titanium Serpent Sword Construction Titanium Serpent Sword Construction50,000
Titanium Short Construction Titanium Short Construction4,000
Torso Armor Construction Torso Armor Construction1,000
Torso Padded Leather Construction Torso Padded Leather Construction1,000
Two Edged Steel Sword Construction Two Edged Steel Sword Construction2,000
Weapon Construction Weapon Construction100