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NPC: Darcy

Location: Desert Pines Cactus Blossom General Store

Coordinates: 63, 57

That's "General" Darcy. He's hanging out with Stephan in Stephan's general store.

He's a general in the Continental Army of Seridia, commanding the Corren Village forces.


Speak the Words

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As you enter the building you see two men behind the counter. One is the shopkeeper, but you get the distinct impression the other doesn't work there. Probably because is partially out of sight, sitting on a stool and leaning leisurely against some crates with his hands cupped behind his head, his boots propped up on a neighboring stool.

Who are you?
*The seated man sneakily takes a carrot when the shopkeeper turns to welcome you and takes a bite. Crunch, crunch.* Herro fend. *Swallow* I'm sorry, how rude. All my years in the service have left me with the manners of a goblin sometimes. Hello friend, your face isn't familiar to me, but no matter. My name is General Darcy.

That fellow over there is Stephan, this is his general store. *The shopkeeper hears the crunching of the carrot and turns to the seated man. 'And just where did you get that?' He asks with his hands on his hips. Darcy shushes him and he turns away with a shake of his head, taking the carrots with him.*

Why are YOU behind the counter then?
Oh Stephan and I are old friends. We go all the way back to about yay high. *He holds his hand about a child's height off the floor* You can usually find me in here a few times a week when my unit is stationed at home.

I like to get in his hair for a few hours a day. *Stephan snorts out a laugh as he sorts fruit onto shelves and mutters something about stealing food under his breath. Darcy pretends not to hear him as he grabs an apple with a grin.*

Yep. General store, you can buy all sorts of nice things here.... Oh you mean the other general. *He flashes another quick smile* I am a general in The Continental Army of Seridia. I command the forces of Corren village.

Wow that's a great name.
*He laughs* Isn't it though? I rather like it too. It makes my title sound that much more impressive. *He puffs out his chest in a mockingly self important way* General in The Continental Army of Seridia has a nice ring to it.

Yes the continent of Seridia? I take it thEL-DB.comat means you originally hail from Irilion.

The village we are currently in is called Corren in the province of Desert Pines. You will find that most of the residents are very friendly. You might want to watch out for the sheriff though. He is quite a character, but he is the mayor's brother so everyone just sort of plays along with him.

*He begins to look puzzled* ...Yes Irilion, the second known continent in Draia. You do know Draia, don't you? *You can see the curiosity growing in his gaze and hasten to nod. When you do, his features smooth out again and he continues to lounge casually with his back up against the crates.*

*Darcy chuckles and shakes his head* Golric is a bit overly obsessed with keeping the peace around here. Not a bad trait in a sheriff I suppose. You aren't from around here but you will understand what I mean if you run into him.

Oh our wonderful mayor Kalana! She does great things for Corren. Its tough to pin her down for long as she is always so busy. If you manage to catch her at a good time she can tell you much about Corren and the surrounding areas.

I have an appointment with her later on today to discuss the state of Corren's army. I just hope that little creep Jasper isn't with her. Probably is though. He sticks to her like lice on a feros.

How is Corren's army?
Just swell thanks. When we first put the army together we were having problems between the different races sometimes. You know how it is, the elves don't trust the dwarfs, the dwarfs stick to themselves, orchans make everyone nervous, you have to learn to watch out for gnomes or you will squash them, that sort of thing.

Once we got past all that meaningless silliness we EL-DB.comwere able to grow and improve by leaps and bounds.

That's not a nice thing to say.
*Both Darcy and Stephan start to laugh uproariously* Well if you have met Jasper already and you like him then I offer you my apologies. If you have yet to run into Jasper... well perhaps you will change your mind afterwards.

*Darcy's face suddenly puckers up as though he just sucked on a lemon* Yes I hope you don't have the misfortune of running into THAT little ogre faced money grabbing toad. He'll probably try to get you to pay some sort of 'passing through town' tax if you do.

He is always running around, clutching his little ledger and bothering townspeople about taxes they don't yet owe. He has gotten so bad lately that people are starting to avoid him whenever they see him. They cross to the other side of the street or duck into shops if they can, and the few unfortunates who can't avoid him all suddenly remember urgent appointments elsewhere.

Oh you have never seen a feros? Count yourself lucky then, my friend. Horribly ugly creatures. They smell too. You won't find any in Desert Pines unless one of the gods starts summoning them here of course, but that's where my men come in. We take care of any problems that may arise with angry or bored gods and any other general type of skirmish.

Do the Gods get angry often?
Well that's a hard question to answer. Sometimes it seems that we will enjoy weeks and weeks of peace, while other times it seems every few days one god or another is angry about something and burying us in their unruly hordes.

But have no fear my friend there has not been one skirmish yet that our spies have not gotten wind of ahead of time, allowing us to better protect the good town of Corren and its fine people. During these battles many of the townspeople choose to stay in their homes but some come out and fight with us.

Please always feel free to help us out by hacking down a few invaders if the fancy ever takes you. You can never have too many swords in the fray! That's I like to say anyway. *Behind the counter, Stephan chuckles. 'That rhymed real pretty Darcy.' he says under his breath and Darcy throws his apple core at him.

Stephan bends over to pick it up and roars, 'and where did this come from?' Darcy waves the angry man away saying, 'Stephan really, how rude can you be? Can't you see we are in the middle of a conversation?' Stephan throws the apple core back at Darcy and turns away to go light a fire.*

Tell me about Desert Pines.
Ahhhh Desert Pines is a wonderful place. A great variety of landscapes can be found here. To the west of Corren, you will find the cool shade of the trees in Evergreen Forest. There are several trade schools and temples to be found throughout Corren and the Evergreen Forest.

To the south there is the Kamara Desert. Here and there you can find the little tent villages where the desert folk live. Oh if you run into Harvy tell him I said that he's still ugly as an orc. That's a little private joke we have. He will laugh, I promise.

Anyway! You can find some valuable minerals and ores if you explore Crystal Caves and the Range River runs right through the middle of it all. That's Desert Pines in a nutshell.

Safe travels friend! Feel free to come back again to chat, like I said before you can usually find me here most days, annoying Stephan. *As he smiles at you and waves with one hand, his other hand sneaks over the bread on a shelf behind him. Stephan turns to bid you farewell and sees this.

As you leave the general store you see Stephan kick the stool out from under Darcy, who goes crashing to the floor.*