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NPC: Daritha

Location: Tarsengaard Tarsengaard Garrison Barracks

Coordinates: 33, 73

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. The Need for Armor
  2. Armor and Weapon Supply Daily

Commander of the garrison in Tarsengaard.


Speak the Words

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*As you enter the building you hear a shout.* Oi! You back from your shift already? What are you doing? You're not done - Oh, you ain't one the garrison are ya? *You notice a female dwarf sitting on the edge of the bench, she grumbles something unintelligible as you draw closer.*

Who are you?
I'm Daritha, commander of the garrison of Tarsengaard, by will of the gods and the grandmaster. I train, I lead, I protect. This is the duty of any soldier of Tarsengaard.

One of the garrison?
Heh, you'd better not be then, or else have a damn good story about being knocked out by a goblin and losing your memory. Sorry if I startled ya, there's just too many ridiculous young recruits this year that think they can sneak back from their duties early.

What's the garrison?
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matr.. err, garrison is. You have to see it for yourself. Just kidding. Don't you even know what a garrison is? Beg the gods I never train you! We're the soldiers of Tarsengaard, commissioned by an ancient Grandmaster and the heads of the school to guard these lands. It's a proud duty. We have a legacy of bravery, mostly recently proved during the Great War.

Ancient Grandmaster
Indeed, the garrison of Tarsengaard is as old as the school itself. All we know is when the school was founded, the first grandmaster and other heads of the school set up the garrison to defend the school and the city which they knew inevitably would grow around it. Since then we've been training young sons - and a few daughters when I can slip them through - of Tarsengaard to defend these lands.

Though as I mentioned, the most recent recruits are hardly eager to be about their duties. *Daritha grumbles something and shakes her head.*

What'd you do in the War?
Why, Tarsengaard's banners were the first to raise in defense of the continent! We marched proudly west the moment word of the attack on Mynadar came, though their attack on that city was swift and it was only after the war we were able to reclaim it.

But we fought bravely, we skirted their stronghold and traveled to Corren where more attacks had come. We joined with the soldiers EL-DB.comof those lands and made an army in the desert. An army that defeated the darkness under the leadership of the famed general Resia!

*Daritha does not respond for a moment, simply glares at you, studying for a moment, then grunts.* The last leader of this garrison was not fond of girls fighting, nor were many before him. In fact, I was the first female to join the garrison for centuries. I only wormed my way in because I fought in Mynadar. I'm from there you see. I had been in Tarsengaard when the attacks on my home came.

I followed the garrison and fought with them. After the first battle Logan was forced to acknowledge I could fight and he allowed me to join them, though he never liked it. Anyway, after the war Logan retired, Jerun saw fit to nominate me for garrison commander and the school heads approved. Ever since I've strived to prove that any girl who wishes is just as capable to fight as a boy.

Aye... he was commander before me. *You see a flash of anger in her face, but it is quickly gone.* He was a decent warrior and leader, but I'm afraid he was very prejudiced and arrogant. Some hail him as a hero after the war, a few of us know better than to shower the old fool with praise. He still lingers around here, if you wish to seek him out he's probably in his house indulging in food and drink.

You speak of them as children.
That is what they are. We recruit them young typically. The earliest age permitted is thirteen and generally few older than twenty seek to join. As they grow older they usually depart from this place. They serve their years then return to their homes until the land has need of them. Or if they stay in service of the garrison they do not remain in these barracks, nor do they remain long in Tarsengaard.

They go to help in other lands, to act as ambassadors or guards, whatever duties are given to them. But yes, those who are here in these barracks, who I train, are largely children. Thus I'm permitted the right to refer to them as 'boys and girls' *Her eyes twinkle a bit and she smiles slightly.*

Tarsengaard often has need to convene with the leaders of other regions. As host to the magic school, our lands try to be on cordial terms with others. Disputes must be settled and the grandmaster rarely has time for such things unless they are of a very important nature. Combat is not all that the garrison learns, we learn to be peace-keepers and diplomats. For there are more ways to fight than with a weapon.

Ambassadors to dangerous lands need guards, on occasion the heads of the school need guardians if they travel, and caravans and goods being shipped need guards. Travelers sometimes have trouble with the gEL-DB.comoblins, farmers too. Occasionally foreigners seek to pay for the services of our soldiers. The young recruits do little but patrol the city walls and learn to fight. Other duties are left to their elders.

May the gods bless you.