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NPC: Daroth

Location: White Stone Temple of Selain

Coordinates: 363, 245

A priest of Selain found deep within Selain's temple.


Speak the Words

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*You see a dark elf reading aloud to himself. As you approach, you are able to make out the words...* 'It is an old habit with theologians to beat the livinEL-DB.comg with the bones of the dead.' hmmm I wonder if he meant that literally... *He glares at you wickedly as you approach him.* What business do you have here?

Who are you?
I am Daroth, loyal priest of Selain, guardian of the Holy Artifacts and researcher in bone lore. Pity you haven't heard of me.

What do you do?
Well seems like you have been kept in the dark. You are quite unaware, aren't you? What more can I do than serve the mighty god Selain? Open your eyes. Look around you. Quite obvious now, isn't it?

What is bone lore?
I can hardly fault you for not knowing about bone lore, it is something I have been researching for years. From what I have learned, very soon I will be able to provide answers to specific questions without having heard them.

Specific questions?
An example of a specific question might be, 'Should I worship Selain?' or 'Should I summon rats?'. General questions won't work, though. A general question might be 'Who will I marry?' and the bones won't be able to provide an answer for that.

How will it work?
There will be a fee that will be paid in bones. Once I have them, it will be up to you to concentrate on your specific question without distracting me with the words - absolute silence is a must. I will cast the bones and enter a trance. During that trance, I will be able to speak the answer to your unspoken question.

Ok. Let's begin.
What? Hold on. The last time I looked you were neither someone like Lord Vermor nor were you someone like Lady Luxin. Only people of that calibre are worth my time and get a bones reading. Me? Do a reading for the likes of you? Don't make me laugh.

Lord Vermor
He comes from an excellent bloodline. His family has ruled White Stone from time to time over the yeEL-DB.comars. Lately, he has found me to be invaluable to him as he often seeks me out for personal readings.

Lady Luxin
The wise and lovely Lady Luxin has heard of me giving bones readings. It is only a matter of time before she takes the time out of her busy schedule to make the trip here from the palace in White Stone City. Lord and Lady Luxin are the current rulers of White Stone.

What is your purpose?
Purpose? What? Can't you see the magnificence of your surroundings? Look around you, fool! These are the creations of the mighty one. You cannot deny his power. I am thankful for what my Lord has granted us. And that is my reason. It is the path to glory, trust me. After all, he is the bearer of Sslessar and the companion of Mortos.

Oh dear me. Dear, dear me... Not aware of Sslessar, are we? It's such a pity, you not knowing, and one would think by taking in your appearance that you would be worthy of such knowledge. Pah! Sslessar is Selain's own creation. The Snake Titan, some call it. Many fear it, and yet only a handful of people have been able to master the wicked beast. It is said to hypnotize whoever looks into its mystifying eyes,

paralyzing them with magical powers. But I have never seen this happen. Now do you understand the benefits of Selain?...Yet again, you would have to believe in order to understand. So, do you worship our god?

Yes I do
I see, very well then... I must have misjudged you, my friend. Forgive me. I did sense some curiosity toward our Lord in you. Look, you seem to be smarter than I thought which is why I want to enlighten you about summoning stones.

-Summoning Stones
Yes, summoning stones. They are Selain's creation, the best so far in my opinion. They allow you to instantly summon the creature which they represent. They may look simple, but trust me; they can bring massive havoc to the area. There are many different types of summoning stones, each are more lethal than the other. You can find them in Irilion. They may be pricey, but after all,

Selain is the greedy one. Heh-heh-he... Now go! Go and find these stones and show EL-DB.comothers what Selain is made of! Show them that the servants of Selain are powerful!

Take care, my friend. I'll be seeing you around. If you ever need to know about Sslessar or the Summoning Stones or if you want me to read the bones for you, come visit me. Have faith!

No I don't
I thought so... Are you here to join in servitude to Selain?

Yes. How do I do that?
You are merely a chamber away from Selain's High Priest, Sylpho. Speak with him.

Thanks. Bye.
Have a care, my friend. I'll be seeing you around. If you ever need to know about Sslessar or the Summoning Stones or if you want me to read the bones for you, come visit me. Have faith!

You will never understand, fool. Nor will you ever gain wealth. Think carefully stranger: Selain is getting stronger every day. His powers have already surpassed those of Mortos and soon there will be no one who can stand in his way. I think you should clear your mind and think twice before coming down to Selain's lair. Be gone now!

See ya.
Peh... waste of my time...

I'll be going now...
Get out of here and make room for those who are better than you.