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NPC: David

Location: Palon Vertas Palon Vertas Escape Tunnels

Coordinates: 138, 333

A worker for the Committee for Underground Maintenance, inspecting the walls of the Palon Vertas escape tunnels.


Speak the Words

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You see a nervous and fidgety-looking dwarf is scurrying about the undeEL-DB.comrgrounds, seemingly inspecting everything and nothing at the same time

Are you lost?
Ha ha! That's a good one! I was just about to ask you the same thing. I don't see too many faces wandering around these parts. Not that I'd have too much time to notice or even talk - my job keeps me fairly busy.

These parts?
Well, if you are truly lost, then you may not know that these are the Palon Vertas undergrounds. They are a labyrinthine series of caves that meander all over (or under!) Palon Vertas. There aren't many places in this land that cannot be accessed by these passages.

You betcha! I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. The name's David - and yes, I know it's an unusual one for a dwarf - and I work for the Committee for Underground Maintenance. But I guess I really have to thank JoLynne for this opportunity. She heads up the committee, you know.

Many places?
These here caves can take you all over Palon Vertas, as I mentioned before. But they can also take you beyond the borders of Palon Vertas to some of the neighboring lands as well. You can head down here in Salingen and not see the light of day until you set foot in Bethel, Sedicolis, Zirakinbar or even Kusamura.

Maybe it's just the dwarf in me talking, but that thought really appeals to me. Never been a big fan of the sun, you see? That's why my job suits me perfectly, hehe. I get to spend all my working hours in this glorious expanse of caves. It warms the dwarven heart, I tell ya.

Unusual name?
Well, it probably comes as little surprise to an obviously well-traveled person such as yourself, but I am not from this area. I hail originally from the caves near Mynadar. Before I was born, my father used to export gold ore to all parts of Seridia. Over the years, he formed a close friendship with one of his clients who worked at the crafting school in White Stone.

The man, a human named David, eventually became my father's closest friend and confidante. Although not in-line with the normal dwarvish custom, my parents asked him tEL-DB.como be my godfather shortly before I was born. He readily accepted - but unfortunately, while on one of his trading missions, David's ship was lost in a ferocious storm.

My father was devastated, as you can imagine, at the sudden loss of his best friend and the godfather of his unborn son. So, as a tribute to his memory, my parents named me after him when I was born - to keep his spirit alive.

The committee?
Some people not in the know may say that all these committees are a waste of the public gold, but they don't realize the importance of what we do. Without constant attention, these caves would fall into neglect and slowly deteriorate. Can you imagine what would happen if one of the tunnels, perhaps under Salingen, were to collapse?

Many people would lose their homes and possessions - and possibly their lives - in the ensuing destruction. We keep a steadfast vigilance down here to make sure that day will never occur. Bracing and rebracing, fortifying supports and cave walls. Thankfully, we have other committee members who can help with the other threats.

Sure, I was talking about this huge expanse of caves. But, pardon my play on words, I was alluding to expansion. It is my dream that we expand this cave network to reach even further abroad. Perhaps only to Idaloran at first, but eventually, maybe even linking such far-off places as Emerald Valley, Melinis and Aeth Aelfan.

One committee member, Elise, has strongly voiced an opinion that any expansion plans do not include Thelinor. I, for one, whole-heartedly agree with her. When a proven warrior like Elise votes no, wise folk should follow suit. There's no need to go anywhere near that god-forsaken place if you ask me.

And on that note, I really must get back to work. JoLynne really knows how to crack the whip!