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NPC: Diesel

Location: Arius Temple of LaForge

Coordinates: 341, 251

Type: Priest

High Priest of engineering god LaForge.


Speak the Words

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You see Diesel, a scholarly-looking gnome. He appears to be reciting the formulas wEL-DB.comritten on the walls around him. You break his train of thought and he looks at you.
Salutations, [PLAYER NAME]. My name is Diesel. Welcome to the temple of LaForge, where the collective consciousness of his worshipers is assimilated into the ultimate products of science.

I want to serve LaForge!
[PLAYER NAME], are you sure you want to join LaForge? At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose engineering experience.

Tell me more about LaForge.
LaForge is the force who drives us to cogitate unconventionally, pushing us to assemble technological wonders. Once just a simple gnome from the Isle of Arius, LaForge started out being firmly grounded EL-DB.comin basics using his alternative ways of thinking to create amazing inventions. This eventually led to his godly status so that now he is revered as the patron god to like-minded entities as he once was.

Our motto is: "A moment without an idea is a moment wasted."To follow the path of LaForge, you must collaborate with others to seek innovative ways to overcome the problems that plague our daily lives. Those who preserve the ideals of LaForge will usually receive an enhancement to their engineering abilities. LaForge is enemies with Jayden and Galienne.

It is my wish that your productivity will elegantly expedite. (Hey, I can talk like V)