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NPC: Dirhyan

Location: Naralik Catacombs

Coordinates: 20, 80

Type: Priest

Priest for Attack god Mortos.


Speak the Words

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Hello, [PLAEL-DB.comYER NAME]!
I am Dirhyan, Mortos's priest. What can I do for you?

I want to serve Mortos!
Burn, are you sure you want to join Mortos? He is a hard to please god. At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose attack experience.


Please tell me more about Mortos.
Mortos is a fearsome god, the one who deals in war and battles, bringing about death and destruction to all who oppose him! True divinity is to be able to conquer it all: man, beast, plant, air. To follow the path of Mortos is to submit to the greatest of all gods and gain personal power. To follow Mortos is to be a Herald of the end of life, to crush all who oppose you!

Mortos loves war and fighting the forces of Aluwen. His followers can get more attack experience, depending on their rank. If you like to kill and wage war, and to fight no matter what the cause or purpose, then join with Mortos! Mortos's enemies are Aluwen, the goddess of Life & Defense, and Elandria, the goddess of Alchemy.

Go with the strenght of Mortos. Fight hard and kill them all!