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NPC: Donegal

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall East Meeting Hall Hallway Animal Study Room PK Sewers Laboratory

Coordinates: 109, 306

From Irsis, a professor in the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*You see an elven man chanting some strange words. You look at his book and the words appear to be moving on the page. EL-DB.comThey are written in a strange language that you cannot read. By stepping closer, you break his trance.* Can I help you?

Who are you?
My name is Donegal. I am a professor here at the Tarsengaard School of Magic. Master Jerun recruited me all the way from my homeland of Irsis.

What were you doing?
A very intricate spell, which you just happened to interrupt by entering my space. Why are you here? Lecture notes? Private lessons? Are you even a student here? *He stares at you.* Come on now, speak up!

Silvars and I recently came across an old, old book in the library, hidden in a secret compartment in the occult section. The language, at first, was hard to decipher because I have never seen it before; so I went to Naralik to find a reporter friend of mine who knows all about this sort of thing. She helped me find a cipher for it.

Reporter friend
Her name is Leela, she's the religions reporter for the Associate of Scribes and Scholars. She knows a lot about cults and such. Apparently the book here is that of an ancient cult of Mortos. The ceremony requires me to be in these black robes and have that magic circle created in front of me. She told me to be careful because occult magic can be dangerous.

I teach the art of potions at this school to the majority of the students, however, I also have a few advanced magic courses. If a student misses one of my lectures, I tell them to seek out my laboratory and copy them down so they do not fall behind in my course.

Some students find potioning more interesting than others, so I offer private lessons to those who wish to advance their skills. Arbella takes me up on this offer quite often. Nice girl, but she seems like too much of an overachiever in my mind. I'd much prefer working with Baidor.

He knows perfection when he sees it and makes it well known. When I train with Baidor, he can't help but compliment my skills EL-DB.comand abilities. *He beams.* I really don't understand why some students dislike him. Seems like such a well-mannered boy to me.

Well, you are in the magic school, are you not? If you aren't a student and you wish to be, I would talk to Master Jerun, since he runs the establishment. If he is away on business, you could always try speaking with Lustra as well.

Master Jerun was on business in Irsis and recruited me from the potioning school there. At that point, I was only an assistant professor to Marnala and Derzelas. Jerun said he saw much potential in me and promoted me to a full professor within this school. I've been here ever since. I do miss Irsis though; it is so peaceful there.

Master Jerun
Jerun: The Master of the Four Winds. He is a great man and a great teacher. He has been trying to teach me the arts of wind magic, but it is not my forte. I know some very simple earth magic, but that is more Rivena's area of expertise. Too bad the Tirnym Magic School has no use for a potions professor.

She is a colleague of mine within the school. She has the power, worldly experience, and dedication needed to be one of the most favored professors here at the school. She has such a passion for everything she does and her students thrive off of her aura.

Tirnym Magic School
Unlike Tarsengaard Magic School, the Tirnym school only accepts specific students, hand-picked by Grandmaster Rivena herself. Their facilities are much smaller than ours here, but some of the best and brightest Seridian mages graduate under Rivena's teachings. From what I hear, they do a lot of hands on assignments, especially in the crypt.

It used to be a temple of Aluwen, but is now a tomb for the many elves who used to live in Tirnym. During the Great War, the unfinished temple provided an excellent barricade against the invaders, but little did they know that by sealing the doors would be sealing their fate. There are rumors of a powerful magic still alive in the tomb, however.

*He nods as you leave and flips through the of the spell book to start the incantation over.*