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NPC: Dragburn

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 62, 127

A builder of explosive weaponry.


Speak the Words

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*A tall and incredibly thin (for an orchan) middle-aged man looks intently towards you as you get closeEL-DB.comr.* Hey you! What brings you around here? Draia is not large enough that you have to stand right THERE?

Er... there where?
THERE, on the exact spot of my Experimental Controlled Fire Target Facility!

There is nothing here!
Well, technically you are right. That's the spot where I am going to build it, though. And in the meantime, I'm just shooting at the ground - but in a week or two, I should be able to achieve Phase Two. Now, would you please move away?

Ok I'll move
Thanks, much better. You know, it was for your safety. Everything in that place could be destroyed at any time now, as soon as I get a few final details working...

Who are you?
My name is Dragburn, but they call me Burnt. At first I found it slightly insulting. But then, they told me that Throvnc had this vision of me amidst flames and smoke... it was a joke, Throvnc had seen nothing, but the name stuck.

He is our local shaman, and one of the best ones around. Actually, one of the ONLY ones around. You know, there aren't that many around here to start with, but he surely has a gift: his visions of things past, of things present and of things future; are said to be extraordinarily clear. Pity he can't tell about them. Well, not verbally at least.

It's the orchan way; each tribe, large or small, is spiritually led by a shaman. It is a big shame if a tribe can't produce a child that can become a shaman, and is thus left without a guide. Most often than not, a tribe would dissolve at that point, with individuals joining other tribes, or living as outcasts.

Orchan tribes are typically led by elders and the elders are led by the chieftain, but sinEL-DB.comce our tribe is so far from the other tribes of Redmoon, Throvnc acts as all of the above.

Shamans are all special in their own way. It's just part of being a shaman. I guess... some have very remarkable gifts, some are very subtle, at times a great gift badly employed has led to the downfall of mighty tribes. The gods follow strange paths.

Why can't he tell?
*The orchan laughs loudly* You haven't seen him, right? Go visit him, he is in the meeting hut in Omlinor. You will understand.

A bad joke, if you ask me. It seems they think working with explosives makes me a likely candidate for the Burnt name. Anyway, I prefer Dragburn, if you please.

Destroyed? How?
By the new weapons I'm developing! Special bows and arrows, the quintessential meeting of the noble arts of ranging and engineering! Weapons of which nobody has seen the equal so far, weapons so deliciously powerful that a small band will be able to defeat the hugest of armies!

Wow! Tell me more!
Aha! I got your attention! I knew it would work. My first project: the fragmentation bolt. I have a fire essence and black powder embedded in a head of quartz, separated by a thin layer of mineral. When the bolt hits, the separating layer breaks, the fire essence ignites the explosive, and hundreds of lethal quartz splinters are projected at high speed in all directions, disabling the enemy troops.

That's HUGE!
Thanks, I know. *He smiles broadly* I am experimenting with obsidian as well... in a few weeks... or months. Oh, and then, there is the heat-seeking arrow. I condition falcon feathers with fire and magic essences, so they fold very slightly in the presence of heat. Once the feathers are properly arranged, they will steer an arrow auto-magically towards a heat-emitting target.

I am developing it for cold maps, you know... any warm-blood creature would literally draw the heat-seeEL-DB.comking arrow upon itself. And if you couple it with a fire arrow or similar, you get the ultimate weapon!

You are a GENIUS!
Thanks. To be honest, there are still a few details to finalize: the theory works excellently, but I am not ready for the mass market yet. Jace is helping me iron out the last remaining hurdles and Clint is providing me with massive amounts of yew to use.

He is an excellent archer, really. Good warrior, intelligent guy, and mighty pleasant company around a fire pit - for a human, that is. He keeps complaining that I try to kill him, but in reality he is only helping me test things. I just forget to tell him in advance, occasionally.

Can I test it?
*He looks at you, takes a step back, seems to assess your worth, then...* Sorry, I am not in the habit of giving out advanced experimental weapons to fresh acquaintances. I am sure you will understand, this is highly sensitive technology. Come back in a year or two.

He is a member of my tribe. He's very strong, could be a very accomplished warrior, however he chooses to use his strengths for physical labor, but he is a machine compared to others. He can harvest me bundles upon bundles of yew without breaking a sweat.

In any case... farewell, enjoy Grubani as you can!