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NPC: Druppel

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 160, 111

A water bearer for Nordcarn miners.


Speak the Words

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You see an elderly dwarven woman kneeling on the dirt. She gathers wEL-DB.comater from the pool in several jugs and then places them in her bag.

Who are you?
*She drops one of the jugs into the pool.* Oh dear, I didn't hear you coming up behind me. My hearing is not quite what it used to be. Excuse me, I mean greetings. My name is Druppel. I hope the splash didn't get you wet.

Nope. All dry here!
I'm glad to hear that. *She scans the pool and pulls out the fallen water jug.* Oh good, here it is. One of the miners would have been very unhappy if I had lost their water jug.

All you have to do is venture into the mines in the dwarven kingdom and you will find many miners hard at work! I used to be one of them until my accident... now I just act as their water bearer. I could never leave the mines for good, so I created an arrangement with Nolida.

*She cringes.* It's a very touchy subject actually. Let's just say we did not have the protection against radon pouches back in my day as we do now. I had such an adverse reaction to the radiation, my hearing started to go and I lost a lot of my physical strength. It's a shame really. *She starts sobbing.*

Aw. Please don't cry.
*You try to comfort the weeping dwarf.* Thanks for giving me a shoulder to cry on. This happened so many years ago, but I feel as if the wounds are still fresh. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over how traumatic the event was. Not even Atekel's magic could help me.

Dwarven kingdom
You are standing in part of it right now! Nordcarn and the Valley consist of the above-ground kingdom, but there is also an entire kingdom below our feet! Us dwarves feel quite at home within the depths of caves... our gnomish brothers and sisters have taken some time to get used to it, but they now find it somewhat... homey.

Water bearer
It's the job I have arranged with Nolida. She said that all the miners can easily weaken without proper hydration, so I constantly make trips from all the mines with their EL-DB.comempty water jugs and fill them at fresh water sources, such as this pool. I always forget to check up on Nestor though because I get caught up in conversation with Patrick.

She is in charge of the union for the miners. She runs a tight ship and always has our best interests at heart. Last I heard, she was working on additional protection for miners with one of our engineers. Nolida is such a wonderful and strong woman - a fine example of a dwarven female.

Most dwarves do not practice magic and the like, but Atekel has abilities that most dwarves only dream about having. She runs the magic shop in town and is often sought out by people to learn about their past. I hoped her magic could relieve some of the bad memories that haunt me, but even her magic was not powerful enough. I may have to turn to a stronger mage one day...

All small folk need to stick together in a world as big as ours! I should probably refer to our kingdom as the dwarven and gnomish kingdom of Seridia, but calling it the dwarven kingdom is so habitual for me, it may be hard to change.

He is such a nice boy. Every time I venture into the southern cavern, he escorts me to assure that no one harms me. He kind of skulks in the shadows though, which is kind of odd. Overall though, he seems to be kindhearted. I just hope he doesn't get hurt by the vandals.

This is such an excellent source of fresh water. The water here is so fresh and pure that those blue lupines have been known to gain some special attributes. Of course, Galen is completely against the harvesting of 'such a fine specimen'. *She says mockingly.*

He spends most of his times in the southern cave, studying the amber and rubies within. He's a crafter, but a researcher at heart. I believe he is looking into creating a new type of jewelry. All I can say is I hope he makes me a nice bracelet one day - he is quite talented at his trade.

I hear there are thieves hiding within the cave. Of course, I've never come across them - it must be due to Patrick's protection... bless his soul. He said I rEL-DB.comemind him of his grandmother, even though she was a human and I'm a dwarf. I'm also sure to warn Buga of the vandals when I find her wandering around the cave.

Now that gnome is a kook - an environmental activist of sorts. Heck, the other day, the people of Nordcarn were trying to collect land mines in order to blow out a chunk of the mountain near the storage and Galen CHAINED himself to rock. He blabbed on about not harming the balance of nature or some tomfoolery like that. He's a nut and I'd stay away from him if I were you. Plus he never shuts up.

Quite an interesting woman - I've only spoken with her in passing, but from what I recall, she's hunts a man named Joker. I guess she is a bounty hunter of sorts, but she never speaks of any other target aside from this Joker fellow. He's either a very lucky man or a man who ticked off the wrong woman. *She laughs.*

She only stops in Nordcarn periodically. She must travel all over the world because she has plenty of stories to tell about all different types of people and places. I'm so envious!

Have a pleasant day. *She continues to fill the water jugs as you leave.*