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NPC: Durnam

Location: Tarsengaard Temple of Zarin

Coordinates: 27, 185

Type: Priest

High Priest of Crafting goddess Zarin.


Speak the Words

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Hello, [PLAEL-DB.comYER NAME]!
I am Durnam, Zarin's priest. What can I do for you?

Please tell me more about Zarin.
To accomplish greatness we need to free our minds from the toils of the world. The greatest joy in the world comes from the beauty of creation, a free mind and a happy spirit. To follow Zarins path is to seek freedom to create items of beauty and wonder.

Zarin's followers usually get more crafting experience, depending on their rank. ZEL-DB.comarin's enemies are Elandria, the goddess of alchemy, and Unolas, the god of magic.

Go in peace!