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NPC: Easton

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 36, 28

Down on his luck, Easton lives in a tent in the desert tropics.


Speak the Words

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You see a man who apparently hasn't bathed in quiEL-DB.comte a while, nor has washed his garments recently.

Who are you?
I'm Easton. Welcome to my home. *His voice lacks any sense of enthusiasm.*

Your home?
Why yes, this is where I live now. Be sure to take your shoes off, I don't want the place to get dirty. *He says with an obvious sarcasm.*

Why do you live here?
Oh bugger. I know exactly what you are thinking... I must be some sort of bum if I'm living out of a tent in the middle of nowhere. Well you are wrong! I once owned a beautiful house with a luscious garden in Corren, but that blasted weasel milked me for every penny I was worth. My wife left me and I'm out of a job, too.

Ya, weasel. They like shiny things, like gold.. and that's exactly what Jasper took from me like a weasel would. They say that our government is trying to tax everyone fairly based upon their total income. Well I used to be what you could call 'upper-middle class'. We Jasper's taxing system demolished our nest egg with no hopes of recovery.

I was by no means a rich man, but I was fairly well off. Jasper didn't care, tagged us as a rich family, and taxed the hell out of us. From property taxes to recreational taxes to school taxes.. heck.. I didn't even have any children!

Worst part is, he doesn't care that he ruined our life. All that pathetic, sniveling swine wanted was a pat on the head from Governor Kalana for bringing in a good amount of funding. I never should have voted for that woman. Next time, I'm voting for the green party.

Now I'm stuck living out of a tent in these tropics. Don't get me wrong, it's a serene place to live and is out of Jasper's jurisdictiEL-DB.comon for taxation. The people at the alchemical academy are nice folks as well. I guess living here is better than nothing. *He shrugs.*

My dear Elena. After the foreclosure on our house, she has since moved back to her hometown of White Stone City. I hear she is living with her drago.. er mother again. She's probably back working her old job at the tavern. My wife is a beautiful woman, so it's only natural she works at a bar. She can make a pretty penny from the drunken fools who think they can score.

I used to be the headmaster of the Jewels and Gems crafting school in Evergreen Woods. I was the one who built that school from scratch. Then Jasper comes along saying that my debt needs paid off and he took the deed for school and my home at the same time.

That bloody bastard. *He clenches his fists and grinds his teeth.* The more I think about this the angrier I get. If it weren't for Golric, I'd give Jasper the payback he deserves!

Green party
The governor is an elected official. In years past, Kalana has run unopposed, but during the last election, Isabella added her name to the ballot. She's an environmental scientist in the area. Said she wanted to help restore Desert Pines back to its full potential by restoring the forest.

Most folks around here could care less about the forest, and Kalana won by a landslide. I see now that perhaps voting for Isabella could have dramatically changed things for the better around here.

You know.. take her home at the end of the night. We may be apart, but I know she wouldn't go astray. Plus, she packs a mean knee if you get what I'm saying. If a man gets out of line, her knee will pop out and down he goes. Never a pretty sight to see a man cry.

Alchemical Academy
See the big tent over yonder? That would be the entrance. Great people there. The headmaster, Ayelle, has been kind to me. She feeds me meals from time to time and gives me a place to stay if the weather is too unbearable.

Who is in charge now?
Last I heard, there was no new headmaster, but Jasper was charging enrollment fees for any students. I would offer a free service to anyone who entered, they would just have to leave any of the items they made under my supervision there. Most schools have the same policy.

You don't know Golric? He's the sheriff in town. He is basically the muscle for Jasper and Kalana. Jasper is a puny fool, but Golric is a force to be reckoned with. I think he is one of the main reasons the people of Corren don't revolt against the taxation.

Thanks. If you ever get some dirt I can use against Jasper, it would be greatly appreciated. I want my old life back!