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NPC: Edlera

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 141, 165

An elderly healer who tells of the history of Morcraven Marsh and some of its inhabitants.


Speak the Words

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Before you stands an old woman, but you can see streEL-DB.comngth in her eyes. She turns her head and greets you:
Hello, [PLAYER NAME]. What can I do for you?

My name is Edlera. Nice meeting you!

I consider myself a healer, but some call me a witch, or a druid, or other more or less nice names. But basically I heal people, using plants, minerEL-DB.comals, meditation, prayers, and some other means. Everyone in Morcraven Marsh and the neighboring area has needed my services, at one time or another.

Morcraven Marsh
Morcraven Marsh used to be a lively place, but now it's pretty deserted. I don't really mind that, I like having my solitude. But every once in a while I go to the winery, to get some wine or grapes for my healing potions. In fact, I think I mostly go there to talk with Vesine. Sometimes I am also needed in Fort Hallgan or Fort Caladak to heal the soldiers.

Fort Hallgan
Fort Hallgan was founded by the Portland and Whitestone military, to watch for and fight the pirates that come to pillage the west coast. There are some soldiers there, and every once in a while they need my healing abilities. It's usually goblin inflicted wounds, but it's not uncommon to get even worse cases. You can find it a little East of here.

Fort Caladak
Fort Caladak currently has little purpose, except for guarding against some of the cave goblins, and other foul creatures from Naralik. Some argue that it's really unneeded, but others say it's a good training place for the military. I am not into politics, never was, so I don't really care.

The winery was our last, best hope for peace. It failed. But, in the year of the Mortos War, it became something greater: our last, best hope for victory. Anyway, the winery is run by Vesine and Latis. They are both very nice, hard working people. You can find it East of here, near Fort Hallgan.

This swamp is relatively new; in the old days it wasn't even here. There were some underground springs that just kept eroding the soil, due to some unusually high tides and floods. Most of the people living here are extremely unhappy with it, but for me it is bliss. A lot of healing plants can be found here, and the wildlife is fantastic. That is if you ignore the roaming goblins, of course.

I have known her ever since she was a little child. Very nice and cute little girl. She was very interested in her father's business, and by the age of 16 her father died. Then she took over the entire business, and I must say she did an impressive job. Not only the quality of their products improved, but they even increased production.

A very nice and bright young man. He was originally an apprentice, and now he is the co-owner of the winery. Some people would say he achieved that because Vesine likes him, but don't beEL-DB.comlieve them. He actually worked very hard, and becoming a co-owner was the natural result. I don't really think the winery could stand a chance without Latis. Or Vesine, for that matter.

Worse cases.
Most of the wounds are easy to cure, but there are some injuries that are very hard, or even impossible for me to treat. For example, a few weeks ago one of the soldiers lost 3 fingers. He fought a bear barehanded. Would have lost his entire hand, or even his life, if his commander wasn't around to rescue him. I highly suspect he visited the winery first...

He loved his work, and maybe he loved it a little bit too much. To make a long story short, he got too drunk one day, and decided to take a refreshing swim in the ocean. The only problem was that he wasn't exactly the best swimmer in the world, and it was a stormy night... No body was ever found, but it is safe to assume he didn't survive that night. Which is really sad, he was a good man.

Goodbye, and take care!