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NPC: Elise

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 213, 220

Combat Trainer, working under General Alex, in Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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With a face as pale as ivory in its frame of black hair, Elise might have been called beautiful by some despite more thEL-DB.coman a hint of harshness around her mouth and eyes as cold as blue ice. She stands straight-backed and is outwardly calm.

Who are you?
Hi there! I am Elise, Combat Trainer to General Alex. And please don't ask me if we've met before...

General Alex
Semi-retired General Alex, I should say to be more precise. The famous General Alex is as well known and loved as his little sister Ellia for helping save Irilion during the Great War. I expect the noteriety is something he is uncomfortable with. During the War, he did what needed doing. Since then, though, he was offered leadership positions among civilians that he has graciously declined.

Combat Trainer
A soldier's work is never done. I turn raw recruits into living weapons able to use the tools of warcraft you see around you. I also do some recruiting every now and then. When I'm not on duty, I try to involve myself in civic matters. I recently joined the Committee for Underground Maintenance. That's a worthy cause and holds great strategic value.

Great War
I only became involved in the conflict toward the end, but even in that limited amount of time I saw a lifetime's worth of death and destruction. General Alex and Ellia can provide more background into what went on than can I, but the general is a modest man. I doubt you'll have any more success getting him to talk about his exploits than that reporter over there.

She is a hero in her own right and one of the most powerful summoners around. During the Great War, she summoned Dragons to save us all. Now that the war is over, I'm afraid her idleness has not been nurtured in a constructive manner and from where she likes to spend her time, I wonder if matrimony is on her mind.

Since we are currently not at war, what's a general to do but retire? However, being retired does not mean that plans and contingencies are not being considered or implemented. It is better to formulate a plan that never has to be implemented than to be faced with an unplanned-for situation. He's a great man and I am honored to serve with him.

I have not investigated her credentials nor contacted her editor. If she is who she says she is, she's a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. To me, she seems a bit too inquisitiEL-DB.comve. I have my suspicians about her so I'll just keep watch for now. Should I learn of anything that could jeopardize the security of this province that can be traced back to her, then I will act.

Civic matters
Allow me to speak plainly. I chose a life of service to my country. What better way to remind myself why I made that choice than to become as involved in the lives of the people I serve as possible? I'm sure I could have succeeded at other jobs like a merchant's guard or a mercenary and even made plenty of money at it, but to what purpose? What reward?

Money is important
Yes it does, but only in a small part. The far greater good that anyone can do is to help another. By protecting your right to be here, your right to speak freely, or your right to leave, if that's what you want to do, by protecting those freedoms that are often taken for granted, that is why I chose to serve. The reward from that, to me, is worth more than all the gold in Draia.

Must not be easy
Of course it isn't. But better an honorable and meaningful death on the field of battle while serving a greater good like our freedoms than a life wasted by the pursuit of money. You may not see the world as I do and that's alright, but remember this: I will risk my life for you just the same so that we can all be free.

Not afraid to die?
Not in the least, death is trivial, you will just end up in the Underworld, so what's the big deal?

Met before?
Many people get me confused with my sister Acciza. It is quite bothersome, especially since people know her more because she runs the general store over there. I am often the one confused for my sister, and not the other way around. *She let's out a bothered sigh.* Whatever. We're just another set of twins in this area.

Another set?
Seems twins are quite common in Palon Vertas. If you've met Yinta and Apala, they are another pair of twin sisters in the area.

Until the long sleep taEL-DB.comkes me, I will fight on.