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NPC: Elle

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 123, 161

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Harvesting Tutorial

An elderly woman in Valley of the Dwarves who has been studying the issue of overharvesting and its effects on the environment.


Speak the Words

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A frail, yet wise looking Gnome is bent over a dying stalk on corn. She has EL-DB.coma worried look on her face as she inspects the plant and the soil around it.

Who are you?
*She peers up at you. You can see years of wisdom and life in the grayness of her eyes. You can tell that she was very beautiful in the prime of her youth.* Hello, I am Elle.

Is there something wrong?
*Her voice wavers as she answers.* Something wrong? Something wrong? It's horrible! I'm watching the same thing happen to my home once again. *She holds up the dead plant.* Do you see this? This is the first signs that these lands are dying. Most people think these are eternal lands, but they are sorely mistaken.

Happen again
Have you seen Nordcarn? You must know that it isn't flourishing with plants, grasses, flowers, herbs and trees. Well, believe me, if you saw it when I was a child, you would have seen a completely different land, filled with rolling meadows and flowers everywhere you look. Nordcarn is sadly on it's way to following in Desert Pine's footsteps. I don't want the same to happen in the Valley.

How do you know it's happening?
*She picks up the dirt and lets it crumble through her hands.* This used to be a rich, fertile soil. Now all that's left is bits of earth that can barely sustain life. This field was full of corn, now only a few stalks remain. That's because the over-harvesting going above and below ground. The King won't hear my pleas, and all it would take is some proper education.

Desert Pines
Have you ever visited Evergreen Forest? It's quite a lovely place, filled with trees, flowers and wildlife. Of course, the rest of Desert Pines looks like a barren wasteland. Sure, people still find ways to thrive there, but the land itself was once beautiful. The entire region looked like Evergreen Forest. I wish I was around to see it like then. If you want to know more, ask Isabella.

She's an environmental scientist and conservationist in Desert Pines. Her and I have met several times to discuss the over harvesting of all the lands. She's quite an educated woman... she ran for Governor of Corren, you know. I appreciate her knowledge on the subject, but she is a tad extreme at times. But passion can certainly do that to you!

She knows more about Desert Pines and how it came to be, so you should seek her out aEL-DB.comnd ask her yourself. I believe she typically does her research in the Kamara Desert.

Below ground
Most Dwarves will disagree with this, but what they do in their mines effects the lands above them, too! When they are chipping away with their pick axes, they are loosening and removing vital nutrients and minerals that plant life rely on... they need them to thrive!

King Gondric is so caught up in the health care business that he has no time to hear my views and pleas. He directed me to talk to the lobbyist in charge of harvesting, but that fellow wouldn't listen to one word I said. I'd even go as far to say that he was a nut! Have you ever met him? Galen is his name... If you see him, make sure you don't step on his flowers. He may blow a gasket if you do.

He's a lobbyist for Gondric, as well as a man of the cloth for Lucaa. When I first told him about the over harvesting, he whole-heartedly agreed, but when I mentions the education of proper harvesting and mining techniques, he started yelling at me that we shouldn't be able to do either! Again, he's a nut... how would any of us survive without using the land to our advantage?

After Galen made it very clear he wouldn't help me, I gave up. And here I am, one person trying to change the world. I'm not really sure how to do it. I have a lifetime of experience, but no one to listen.

Yes. Like I said, I have a lifetime of experience and can teach anyone the proper harvesting skills. It's not about harvesting one resource until it's depleted. You must spread yourself over many locations in order to assure the longevity of your resources. Harvesting is actually quite good for plants... you get rid of old and dead parts of the plants, so new parts can bud, grow and thrive.

But the majority of the population just sticks to what they know. I can teach them otherwise. But no one is willing to let me teach the peoples of the various lands.

I am willing to learn
*She ponders yours proposition for a minute, then smiles.* You know, if I want to change to world, I'm going to have to do it one step at a time... my friends... I think you are my first step. It's a deal, I will teach you about harvesting, and you will spread what I taught you. Do we have a deal?

Farewell. *She goes back to examining the soil.*