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NPC: Ellia

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 57, 33

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Special Sword

A teenage girl in Palon Vertas who has been learning summoning since she was a child.


Speak the Words

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As you walk beneath the trees you take a step backwards, startled, as a young woman drops a branch above to the ground. She smiles at you as she brushes loose red hair from her face.

Woah... hi?
Hey! Sorry if I startled you, didn't expect anybody to be in the woods around the shrine here.

Who are you?
My name's Ellia, though some people call me Elly.

What are you doing?
Oh, I was just trying to move a bird's nest. *She gestures to a nest at her feet.* A hawk keeps trying to nest here, but the sisters in the shrine don't like it. Last year it hatched five eggs! They're adorable creatures, but can be a bit distracting to the peace and quiet of the shrine. So I'm trying to move it, the hawks aren't happy about it, but I think I was able to convey the need.

Yeah! Palon Vertas doesn't have any proper temples, but we do worship the gods. This shrine is dedicated to Aluwen, Elandria, Jayden, and Unolas. There's a woman that serves each god and minds the shrine, we call them the sisters, though they're not really related to each other. You don't see them around much, mostly they just keep the shrine, and to themselves. They let Caton use it often for weddings as well.

You talk to hawks?
Talk? Now that would be a talent! I'm a summoner you see, I've always had a fascination with animals, and those I summon are under my control, but they're not true animals when you summon them... They are more of a shell. But I can use them to sometimes communicate with creatures.

It's rather difficult and complex, and animals have such a different intelligence than us its really hard for me, so I don't do it much, but I needed to in order to explain to the hawks why they have to move.

Is summoning hard?
Oh it certainly can be, but once you practice, its not so bad. *As she speaks you watch as she rummages through a pack slung over her shoulder.* I've been learning sEL-DB.comince I was a little girl, I could already summon almost everything that people know how to by the time I was 11, it comes easier for me than it does for most people.

It's rather difficult and complex, and animals have such a different intelligence than us its really hard for me, so I don't do it much, but I needed to in order to explain to the hawks why they have to move.

Who taught you summoning?
I figured out a lot on my own. *She blushes slightly, you wonder if maybe she's afraid to act as if she's bragging.* But Osreng taught me a lot too! He's the grandmaster in the magic school, I attend the school to learn more summoning and I've learned alchemy and potions too. I try to convince my brother to spend some time at the school. I'm sure he'd enjoy it better than hanging around Treesoar all day.

Who's your brother?
Alex! He was a general in the Great War! *A proud smile covers her face.* I go visit him a lot still, he raised me, since our parents died when I was little. I think I remember them, but I don't at all. *She is quiet for a moment before speaking again.* Sometimes that upsets me, but other times I wonder if its easier that way. Alex never likes to talk about them.

Magic School
Oh of course! But there's so much to tell; it's so beautiful, and there are so many talented people there, students and teachers! I stay there most of the time, living in the student's quarters, but I go other places too a lot, all over Palon Vertas. And even to Idaloran, and Emerald Valley, and Sedicolis, and well, anywhere I can go! There's so many people to talk to and learn from in the world.

How old are you anyway?
Sixteen! *She smirks slightly.* Sometimes people swear I act more like a child, and others say I'm far older than sixteen! But, that's my age, and that's what it'll be until another year passes! *She winks at you.* I've seen a lot in sixteen years though, I even remember the Great War. But enough about my age.. it's actually my brother's birthday soon!

No regular attendance needed?
Well, not really. I'm not technically a regularly enrolled student you see. I'm far more advanced than most anyone else in summoning, so the summoning professor and I just practice and experiment when we can. I've only just started to learn potions, and I'm rather horrible at that so far. You should have seen the horrible color of goo I managed to make instead of a potion of mana last week!

The War
You ask sad questions traveler, it was a very dark time, but I helped as much as I could. I was 11 at the time and I summoned dragons when my people fled the city. It was spectacular, the first time I'EL-DB.comd done it! But it is hard to be proud amidst all the grief and war. Some people say I was so young that I'd hardly remember the war, but I do... Let us not speak of it though; what's passed is passed.

See ya! Don't hesitate to come talk to me, I love hearing the tales of wanderers!