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NPC: Enora

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 18, 96

A muse of Galienne, a cleric who travels to spread the words and teaching of her goddess.


Speak the Words

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A luxurious-looking elven maiden stands upon the river bank. She bows gracefully as yoEL-DB.comu approach. You notice that she appears to be more illuminated than her surroundings.

Who are you?
*She gazes deeply at you and answers you in a soft, yet sultry, voice.* My name is Enora and I am a muse of Galienne. What has inspired you to speak with me today?

I am not the mythical figure that a muse is typically associated with - that of an invisible woman who inspires those who need it most. I am a muse of Galienne, which is an order of clerics that travel around to spread the words and teachings of our benevolent goddess. *Enora's self-illumination appears to become brighter, causing her to look even more heavenly.*

She is a goddess that all of Draia should know and pay homage to. She weaves upon the looms of fate and decides the path that you will take. Every being has a beginning, middle and end to their story - Galienne just guides the needle as your tapestry unfolds.

Where is that light coming from?
*She ponders your question until she realizes what you are asking.* Oh, I am sorry. The light has become so common to me, I have been desensitized to it. All muses of Galienne have a bright aura and we may show our auras by wearing a blessed article of clothing by Galienne. My tunic was blessed by the high priest, Tyra, and now my aura shines brightly.

It's our metaphor for the story of your life. All followers of Galienne are to create a story in the form of a tapestry to show appreciation for the inspiration She gives. I remember my first tapestry: it depicted a magnificent phoenix floating among gold-laced clouds with a violet sunset in the distance.

She is not only the Goddess of fate, but also of ice, inspiration and tailoring. If you ever travel to the icy lands of Irilion, you will understand why you would need to pray to survive. Without proper protection or guidance, the blistery temperatures may kill any lost traveler. Glacmor is different, however.

An aura is your soul in the form of a color. An aura can tell you a loEL-DB.comt about a person. Look closely at mine and tell me the color you see.

Never have I met such a beautiful person with such fashion sense. Her dedication to Galienne is impeccable and her beauty is undeniable. I've only met one person who doesn't appreciate Tyra's wardrobe, and that's Sergio. *She scoffs.*

Glacmor is the home to Galienne's temple and she blesses the region with a cold-protection spell. You will not suffer from the painful chill like you would in Hulda, Iscalrith or Irinveron!

It's yellow
*She nods her head cheerfully.* You are a very astute observer. Since I boast a yellow aura, that means I am a naturally cheerful person who is very outgoing and always willing to lend a hand. I can go very in depth with my aura analysis, but that could take days. *She smiles.* If you ever want your aura read, let me know.

He's one of the lower priests in Galienne's temple. I don't understand why Galienne chose him to become a priest - he gawks at everyone's fashion choices that do not coincide with his own. While I tend to like everyone I meet, Sergio is the only one who rubs me the wrong way.

Are you from Glacmor?
Heavens no. Unlike Seridia, Irilion is separated heavily by race. The colder regions are mainly home to draegoni and humans because they can actually bear the harsh conditions.. I'm from Willowvine Forest, but traveled to Glacmor when I decided to become a muse of Galienne.

What brings you here?
I've read the articles of a reporter named Lynette and she spoke of wanting to travel to Seridia to discover new forms of magic. After I read her piece, I was inspired and decided to travel to this continent as well and discover new tailors and recruit them to my faith. Sadly, I am a bit disappointed with what I have found.

I was expecting to find a whole different scene of tailoring on this continent, but it just doesn't seem to be as prevalent as it is within the lands of Irilion. There is some hope though. I met a tEL-DB.comailor named Chanel who is the royal tailor to Lady Luxin. Her creations are beautiful and I immediately saw the divine influence of Galienne within her work. Alas, her attitude was not one to enjoy.

I also met a girl named Jade who has a plethora of potential. I've urged her to think about studying fashion in Glacmor but she has yet to go. I've been in constant communication with her since we met in Tarsengaard. I often teach her some lessons when I am in the area.

And then there is Gemma, a gnome residing in the Valley of the Dwarves. She has many ideas to bring to the table with tailoring - some of which are very groundbreaking and innovative. I do feel her passion for the trade is clouded by an arising issue within the dwarven kingdom, but perhaps I can inspire her to find her way.

Arising issue
I am not well-versed in that information. I suggest seeking out a lobbyist for King Gondric and asking them about the situation. I believe there is one by the bridge over yonder. *She points north of your position.*

Have a pleasant day.