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NPC: Erokin

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 17, 27

A fighter of goblins, and a guide on the journey of knowledge.


Speak the Words

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You see a dwarf in full He greets you with a friendly

"Hello [PLAYER NAME], what can I help you with?"

You can call me Erokin.

Well, my everyday job is to rid the gold mines of the goblin scum, however, I am also a guide on the Journey of Knowledge. I can tell you about everything: the temple, the city of Mynadar, Kilaran Fields, and the mine, which is right next to me.

Mynadar is primarily a dwarven city. We used to be ruled by a King,but since the Great War we have had no true form of government. Mynadar is the busiest trade centre on the continent, primarily due to the gold mine.

The major industries are gold mining and trade. The Nordflaq river allows easy trade with Nordcarn. The Valley of the Dwarves fertile fields and an abundance of flora as well. It is also the location of a storage whose manager goes by the name of Molgor.

There is a temple in the east that was once used to worship Mortos. It is currently inhabited by orcs of the female gender. If you are brave and strong enough to enter, you will have to navigate a maze to find the exit.

Gold Mine
As I already said, the gold mine is right next to me. It is one of the most popular places to mine gold, but it is also a popular place for goblins to roam. I am one of the many fighters who come each day to help protect the miners and dispose of the goblins.

Kilaran Fields is a neighboring area to ours. All the fighters tend to go there to test their strengths and fight one another. Be aware though that most of them are not very friendly to strangers. Kilaran is home to three forts; Mardyn, Garisan, and Baarg.

Nice speaking with you.