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NPC: Estilo

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 203, 125

In the Kamara desert, Estilo is an undercover investigative reporter attempting to find secret information.


Speak the Words

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*You see a human male seated outside his tent with many ledgers and books behind him. As you approach, he looks up and smEL-DB.comiles broadly.* Hello, hello, come right in! How are you this fine day? You are looking mighty prosperous if I may say so!

A prominent landowner, are you? Or a craftsperson of great renown? Wait, a mixer of rare and exotic essences, perhaps? And what a lovely smile, are the fillings in your teeth made of gold? *He stops and suddenly bursts out laughing.* I'm sorry I'm trying my best to imitate this guy but I've never had to be.. this... slimy.

Eek! Who are you?
Well, I'm supposed to be Jasper, but I've already blown my cover. My name is Estilo. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

You know.. the little schmuck that lives in this area. He taxes everyone out the ass and such. But he knows stuff, and people tell him stuff. Finding out that secret info is my job.

Secret info
Thanks again for the info about the BMW, soon it will make it in our newspaper!

If you couldn't have guessed from my disguise, I'm an undercover investigative reporter. We're a fairly new realm in the Association of Scribes and Scholars. Most reporters have a quota of stories to meet... not us. We are given as much time as we need to get the scoop, as long as it is a good scoop that is. *He chuckles.* Don't get me confused with Brittani or Kelsey, however.

She's our celebrities reporter. You'll often hear her talking about getting the scoop on people, but it's nothing really investigative. After I finish the article on Kalana, I'll probably head to Palon Vertas and reveal the political corruption there as well. I have a great source to speak with.

Gossip is her game. Hard news isn't. I'm all about the hard news, so my work is nothing compared to heEL-DB.comrs. Last I heard, she was hanging around Emerald Valley looking for some juicy rumors to write about.

Association of Scribes and Scholars
You haven't heard of us? We run the Draia News service. Our HQ can be found in Idaloran, and the majority of our reporters scattered across Irilion. We've only recently started coming to Seridia for tips and story ideas. Too bad not all of us fit in. Poor Avyia is having plenty of issues.

Well, do you think I normally look like this? No way! I actually have flaming red hair, pale skin and blue eyes. I've learned to be a master of disguise over the years and it helps greatly with investigating. I've already had plenty of people scoff and throw vegetables at me thinking I was Jasper. Though that Easton.. he has good aim. *Estilo rubs the back of his head.*

His name is Cedric, he's a local fisherman there. Apparently he knows all the dirt about corruption in that seemingly peaceful town of Salingen. From what I hear, his wife has connections with the mayor there. If he's willing to talk, I'm willing to listen. Brittani on the other hand won't screw over her sources for an article. She'll only step on those that she doesn't need.

She's our nautical field reporter. She's stationed in Portland, but last I heard, she was banned from the docks. Kind of hard to do your job when you are banned from the place you need to be. Sucks to be her I guess.

I met the fellow when I was traveling to the alchemy school to see if I can milk any information from the headmaster. When he saw me, he chucked his shoe and it hit me right in the back of the head. He was yelling plenty of expletives as I ran away from there... I didn't want to chance getting hit with his other shoe.

Farewell my friend. Remember, keep my identity hidden. Now to get back into character. *He starts repeating 'I am a weasel' over and over again to himself until he looks back at you.* And bring your sister next time! *He laughs.* I think I got it down pat! Good-bye!