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NPC: Eva

Location: Arius Arius Magic School Main Hall (MS1) Engineering School (MS16)

Coordinates: 168, 74

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Engineering Tutorial

Professor Eva is head of the Engineering Department at the Arius school.


Speak the Words

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A woman seems to be frowning down at two students, as you approach they get up and leave chattiEL-DB.comng excitedly to one another. She smiles as you step forward gesturing to the seats before her.

Who are you?
*She smiles slightly.* I am Professor Eva, head of the Engineering department. I teach several different classes in engineering to our students, from the basics up to advanced engineering tactics... *She smiles again.* Many students come to Arius seeking to learn engineering, or pledge themselves to LaForge.

LaForge is the God of Engineering; he's very popular on Arius and among the Gnomic population. It is believed that he is the architect of modern Arius. His followers tend to lean more towards science, experimentation and logic rather than the mystical or magical. His temple can be found in southwestern Arius.

Arius school
Yes, Arius is home to a large and varied magic school which specializes in fire magic. However, due to its location on Arius, and the sheer size of the school, not just magic is taught here... *She smiles quietly.* This is actually a point of contention for the magic professors who believe a magic school should only teach magic... *She snorts.*

Of course this is ridiculous. The school is remarkably large and the gnomic population of Arius has little magic in their blood. Few of the magic professors and even fewer of the magic students are gnomes, yet the school is decidedly in the middle of the Gnomic capital and occupies considerable space.

LaForge's main temple is located here. Whether it's because LaForge arose here, a considerable part of the population worships him or because engineering is so prized here. Whatever the reason worshipers from around the world travel here to pledge themselves to LaForge and receive blessings from Diesel the high priest.

A handsome gnome pledged and fully committed to LaForge. He eats, breaths, sleeps and lives by LaForge's words and temple... *She smiles to herself.* Nothing can sway his devotion or even side track his mind. He is the perfect priest, if not the perfect gnome.

*She smiles genuinely.* Engineering is perhaps the single greatest skill a person can have. It involves so many different facets visualization and art to experimentation and structure. In fact... *She winks.* I'd be happy to give you a few lessons in the skill.

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