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NPC: Eveline

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 45, 121

A young woman, trained as a ranger, who has set up a tent in Sedicolis as an outpost for those heading into the Big Bad Desert of Bethel.


Speak the Words

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*You see a charming young girl, intent on mending a cut of cloth. As you approach, she notices yoEL-DB.comu and greets you with a fresh smile.* Hello mate! How is life? You going into the Big Bad Desert?

Who are you?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Eveline, it's a pleasure to meet you. Travelers are always welcome at my tent!

Yes, 'Big Bad Desert' is what the locals call the sands of Bethel - just behind the mountain pass you see east of here. You know, once Bethel had a great city, Betha, rich and splendid from the flow of commerce linking Idaloran and Melinis and via a port to the rest of Irilion. Not unlike our own town here in Sedicolis, trade was the life blood of Betha - but on a much larger scale.

I have made this tent my residence lately; I'm trying to establish an outpost for those going into the desert. You know, fighters, rogues, all kind of people really: from the brave warriors wanting to fight chimerans solo to the shady lot of those using unholy sorcery to enter unseen and spoil the fallen when there are major battles in there.

You don't know? Bethel is home to desert chimeran wolves, among the deadliest beasts we have in these lands. One of those cuties would kill me with a growl. Of course, they have their paws and horns and teeth, but I have my bow!

I am a ranger by training... my father, blessed be his memory, used to take me to the jungle along the northern shores. He would shoot at tigers and panthers - their furs provided for our living - and I would play the kid ranger, shooting makeshift arrows... or, should I say, straight wood branches, on the occasional brownie. Fate struck us one day when Dad fired at a tiger and missed, instead striking one of

those hideous goblins. The goblin had armor on, survived, and struck back. My father was caught by surprise as the goblin came straight at him. He defended himself as best as he could. He might have even won that struggle if it wasn't for me... I was playing 'hunt the imp' nearby, and upon hearing the cries, I ran back to where he was. AS I got there a female goblin appeared and came after me. My Dad's first

reaction was to try to save me: he went after the female, relenting the assault on the male...and the latter's sword slashed on his back, causing a deadly wound. Dad was swift enough and his dagger pierceEL-DB.comd the goblin's armor, killing him. The female ran in terror. But to me, little was left but to collect his last words and bring them in sorrow to my mother. I'm now keeping a promise I made him that day.

Devilish creatures, they are not particularly strong - certainly, not for anyone that would dare to enter Bethel. From time to time, they even wander in the streets of Sedicolis City, causing but little anxiety... yet, they are subtle in their own ways and might play you a trick or two.

I have killed them in the hundreds, but you know what... with the curse of Mortos upon us, there is no point in killing them over and over. I have grown up and renounced revenge.

Curse of Mortos
I am sure you have seen it at work. Mortos - hated be that name - has placed a curse upon all our lands, so that his minions, once killed, will resurrect shortly, in their flesh and hide and scales and wings and horns, to once again haunt our lives. Their spirit is locked to the land, all our efforts are in vain: they will return.

And yet, at times Mortos's hatred pours out of his ordinary powers and instead of just resurrecting, those creatures start multiplying many times over. In the thousands, they descend upon us. And, for some reason unknown to me, Bethel is where his rage is stronger than any other place I know of.

Last words
Sorry, you look like a decent fellow, but those words were for my mother only - blessed be her memory as well - and were meant to be spoken once only: to her. I have kept my silence since.

My promise was to help the fight against the monsters that disgrace our lands in any way that I could. And this I'm doing. I've set up a camp here so that the valiant rangers that go to Bethel to fight Mortos's creatures have a safe place to rest, restock and build up their strength before entering the desert.

Those guys are the worst of the lot; they must use some kind of magic, or potions - I am not really sure. Once after big battle I saw some of them disappearing into thin air, right before my eyes, just prior to entering the desert...

... and the next day, I find them in that tavern down in the city, spending lots of money on drinking and belly dancers and such. I believe they get their loot from spoiling the remains of brave warriors fallen in the battle. Good and safe money for sure, but so disrespectful of them - disrespectful to those dead heroes!

The tavern in Sedicolis City is a particularly lively place; it is located on the main square, in the center of the city. I am told they have a remarkably strong ale and of course men are attracted by the dancing performances there. Or at least, they call them 'dancing performances'. I will not comment on those. Just, that Shantelle doesn't have the best reputation in town...

Oh, don't ask me to tell more. I am rugged enough to know how certain things go, but my parents were good and honest folk and I tend to avoid the tavern on those nights. You can go check for yourself, if you are that kind of person.

Major battles
Mortos's grip is strong on Bethel and the legacy of his hate is powerful. At times, the entire desert is invaded by hideous creatures.. some of the like that are found nowhere else on Irilion. They descend upon us in their legions and only the strongest among the best fighters can even think of facing such a horde alone. And yet, I do my part! *She grins, visibly proud of herself.*

It's not that I am capable of facing those monsters... but the trick is, when I see some premonitory sign (and there are often some) that an invasion is coming, I run to the hills in the south, climb on the ladders and set myself just outside the caves. From there, I can, in relative safety, shoot on the monsters below. I might be young but I'm not a weakling! Give me enough ammo and I can take down a dragon!

The dragons are majestic creatures! Powerful, huge and aggressive: few can escape their teeth and claws! I have no idea where they come from, but if I can hit them, and they can't hit me, the outcome of the struggle is soon spelled out. And did I mention that I love archery? *The ear-to-ear smile lightens up her already joyful countenance*

Adventurers of all kind go through Bethel; the old road between Melinis and Idaloran still crosses the desert and some caravans still go along it rather than EL-DB.comentrust their goods to the sea... but mostly, it is traversed by warriors and rangers - brave fellows who would not surrender the land to Mortos's offspring.

Bethel also had a nice mining business, in the south; all the mountains there are literally drilled by caves. In fact, the oldest inhabitants of the region used to live in those caves, rather than in houses in the city. Then, during the war, Betha was demolished by legions of undead warriors, leaving only a scant population to live there now. They all share a difficult life with the desert's creatures.

Desert's creatures
Snakes of all sorts, some of them poisonous, and then cyclops and desert chimerans, and those are just the 'normal' inhabitants. Someone told me that there are other dangerous creatures in the caves... Maybe it is worth exploring them. But be careful, I know of people that never returned from some of those caves.

Farewell to you. If you ever need a place to rest, my camp will be here waiting.