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NPC: Fgirr

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 110, 61

A stonecutter working on the city walls of Sedicolis.


Speak the Words

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*You see a young-looking male, bearded and covered in stoEL-DB.comne dust. As you approach, he looks up, smiles and waves.*

Who are you?
Hello, traveler. I'm Fgirr. It's nice to meet you. Watch your step and maintain your balance. Some who've come to visit me have fallen. Thank goodness Quinn is around. He's the local medicine man who takes care of people around here. He fixed up my thumb when I smashed it last week. He's that good.

Where are you from?
Ahhh. You've got a keen eye, I like that. We've got that in common. I'm a dwarf and a stonecutter from Zirakinbar. I was hired to finish this wall.

Yes. I'm one of the best, if I do say so myself. I'm resting for a moment while we visit, but in a moment, I'll continue chipping away at these unfitted stones until they are perfectly shaped for this wall, like a puzzle piece. Once they're locked into their final position, they will strengthen this wall even more than it already is and make it long-lasting and a thing of beauty - well to me anyway.

I get great satisfaction from a job well done.

Where's Zirakinbar?
Zirakinbar is my homeland and I miss it dearly. I would much rather be there, but I agreed to complete this wall and will not bring shame down upon my clan. If you've not been there before, it's a place of wonders just South a ways. If you keep traveling South through Palon Vertas, you'll not miss it. I wish I could go with you to show you around, but my word is my bond and I must finish this wall.

Please don't let my obligations here stop you from going, though. If only I had some extra help with this wall...

Which clan?
I am a member of the Marblecutter Clan. People everywhere who need stonework done come to hire us like Mayor Winston EL-DB.comdid for this wall. We're also great miners. If you travel throughout Zirakinbar, you'll see some of our finest work.

Mayor Winston
*Fgirr chuckles.* Yes Winston's our mayor here. Ah you gotta love Winston. Nice fellow, you should go over and talk to him yourself, he usually hangs out around one of the city gates.

What other locals?
Frawlin is the garbage man, but he's so interesting to talk to. I hear lots of people talking about Shantelle, she's a dancer in the tavern. I guess she's pretty enough for a human, I just don't see it. There's a ranger named Eveline who comes into town every now and again. She's quite interested in invasions that happen in Bethel.

Then there's Seth. He's one of the town guards. If you ask me, I think that boy has feelings for Shantelle. Boy is he barking up the wrong tree. I don't honestly know much more about him. The only other person is a mysterious woman named Paige. When she's around, people start talking in whispers and stepping out of her way. Such honor and respect is uncommon, don't you think?

But boy, that woman sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. I was having a friendly little argument with Frawlin the other day, and she comes barging into the conversation and tries to reason with me and supported Frawlin. I stopped listening to her psycho-babble a few minutes in.

Is it safe?
Truth be told, some people traveling through Zirakinbar are not bothered by the monsters dwelling there, but many others have had trouble with them.

Is it worth seeing?
Oh yes. There is so much there to see. Zirakinbar Stronghold is our main city above ground. People come from all over to shop, visit and see examples of our fine stonework. Other main structures are Azaghal Castle, Zirak Crypt, and a fighters' arena - but only the bravest people go there.

Why? Because of monsters?
Zirakinbar was not spared either. There are no lands that I've heard of that are totally free, save one. But that is neither here nor there. In and around Azaghal Castle you will find an EL-DB.cominfestation of gargoyles; the phantoms, walking skeletons, and worse are only on the inside. Other monsters to watch out for are the goblins carrying knives and club-carrying hobgoblins.

Why above ground?
Because many visitors seem uncomfortable being deep underground, we built Zirakinbar Stronghold as a place where others can come to interact with us. The city of Zirakgunda, where most of us live, can be entered from within the Stronghold. Fortunately it is free from monsters and a glorious place for dwarves from everywhere with plenty of stuff to mine.

I love to shop.
Then you must visit our plethora of stores or if you need something repaired, you should talk to Ironfist. He's usually at his forge.

Anything else?
Well let me think a moment. Zirakinbar is conveniently located and from there you can easily reach many other destinations: Palon Vertas, Kusamura, Egratia Point, and Thelinor. If you like to travel by ship, just visit the port. Ships leave regularly for Aeth Aelfan and the islands. I hope you'll take some time to visit my homeland, traveler, but for now I have to get back to work.

Thanks for stopping by. It was nice visiting with you for a little while. Stop by anytime.