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NPC: Floricica

Location: Irsis Independent Flower Shop

Coordinates: 124, 317

Type: Special Flower Shop

Owner of an independant floral shop in Irsis that buys and sells flowers and herbs not seen in normal flower shops.


Sells 15 items

Blue Berries Blue Berries3
Daffodils Daffodils3
Dandelion Dandelion3
Henbane Henbane3
Mugwort Mugwort3
Mullein Mullein3
Nightshade Nightshade3
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy3
Poppies Poppies3
Red Currents Red Currents3
Rue Rue3
Tulips Tulips3
Valerian Valerian3
Wormwood Wormwood3
Yarrow Yarrow3

Buys 15 items

Blue Berries Blue Berries1
Daffodils Daffodils1
Dandelion Dandelion1
Henbane Henbane1
Mugwort Mugwort1
Mullein Mullein1
Nightshade Nightshade1
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy1
Poppies Poppies1
Red Currents Red Currents1
Rue Rue1
Tulips Tulips1
Valerian Valerian1
Wormwood Wormwood1
Yarrow Yarrow1