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NPC: Flynt

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 366, 277

Government commissioned warrior who prevents hostile creatures from entering Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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*A male dwarf marches back and forth across your path. Upon seeing you, he stops, holds up his hand to bEL-DB.comar your way.* Halt! Who goes there? Oh I'm sorry. I thought you were some Beast of Burden from Thelinor.

Who are you?
Flynt is how I am called and I have been commissioned by the governments of Palon Vertas and Thelinor to prevent hostiles from entering the territory. Please state the nature of your business or Please Go Home.

In Another Land things may not work this way. Perhaps it is some aspect of the region or there is something in the air that leads normally good-mannered people such as you appear to be to suddenly take up arms against other normally good-mannered people. Where you stand here, I don't think you would normally attack your friends or even your enemies, but step across the border there, and you just might!

It's part of the commission's directive I work under, the nosey bunch of bureaucrats. In truth, I have very little authority other than to record the intentions of those entering Thelinor. Until the source of discord can be found and eliminated, I have Mixed Emotions about the wisdom of our law makers, but be that as it may, I have been placed here as a warning that should you enter, you may not survive.

Me? Good-mannered?
Now don't go getting creases in your cuisses. Everyone knows a good bar fight every now and then isn't hostile, it's just good old fashioned fun, so don't fret about a history of brawling on your record, if that's the case with you. Me, I'm a loose cannon and proud of it. Besides, you don't look Out of Control to me.

What do you mean 'aspect'?
In Thelinor, between one step and the next, you can feel like you want to kill the person next to you or not. It is like a Jigsaw Puzzle trying to figure out where you might be safe or where your life is at risk.

Loose cannon?
'Tis a fine establishment over in Thelinor City upholding a long-standing dwarven tradition where honest folk are free to voice their opinions about anybody, even if it comes to blows. I Don't Know Why they adopted a non-traditional BYOB policy. *sigh* Times, they are a changin'.

Have you seen much action here?
Recently, no, but I have seen Too Much Blood in my day... a break from it is nice. Sometimes a Giant or Feros will try wandering across the border but I can quickly eliminate them. I have haEL-DB.comd some days where hordes of beasts attack out of nowhere and I require reinforcements. While I am a warrior at heart, I much prefer the peaceful days, but You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Blood in your day
I am a seasoned warrior in the Thelinor army and I served under the great General Axin himself. I may seem mellow to you now, but when I am within his ranks, I Go Wild. My enemies are Torn and Frayed and tossed aside when I go to battle. The Great War was the last big battle that I fought. I still feel as if the armies of Mortos lurk within the shadows.

Don't worry, It's All Over Now.
Indeed it is. Why do you snicker at me? Well, I've delayed you long enough, It's All Over Now indeed. Please press your finger against this emblem of Thelinor to enter. I'll need your prints for our Fingerprint File.

Thanks. So long.
And to you. It appears we're Out of Time, though I do hope you'll reconsider. You see? I'm Worried About You. The Last Time I had this feeling, I lost a dear friend. You know, Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind like that. Anyway, take care.

Be safe on your travels.