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NPC: Fortan

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 161, 219

A master craftsman who learns to share his knowledge with others like Christopher.


Speak the Words

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You see a strict-looking human fiddling aEL-DB.comround with some rings and polished gems.

Who are you?
My name is Fortan, I am the master craftsman on this continent. I feel crafting is the most relaxing skill one can practice, and I feel honored to be a master of the craft.

How's Christopher?
Well he now knows the secret of the Ring of Power now, thanks to you. I must also thank you for helping him. He helped show me I shouldn't hide my knowledge, but that I should share it was other crafters who share the dream. Hey, would you like to know about the Ring of Power?

Would I ever!
Well the secret to the Ring of Power is not the ingredients but luck. You see, when creating a ring, you think there are three possible outcomes. These are successfully making the ring, failing at making it but being able to salvage the ingredients to try again, and completely failing and not being able to reuse ingredients.

Well it turns out, when making a Ring of Damage, there is a slight chance of a fourth option. This option is very rare and it is the creation of a Ring of Power.

Thanks for the info
It was my pleasure. Now remember, this is not a well known fact, please keep it a secret.

May Zarin be with you.