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NPC: Fyre

Location: White Stone Vermor Castle Vermor Castle Dungeon Temple of Unolas

Coordinates: 114, 319

A woman attempting to find the way to get through the odd path to get to the high priest for Unolas.


Speak the Words

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*You hear faint muttering coming from the Draegoni woman staring intently at the green obelisk in front of her. For a split second, her image wavers and she momEL-DB.comentarily appears next to you but then returns to where you first saw her. Startled, you try and jump back but on such a small platform there is nowhere to go.*

What was that?
It almost worked. *sigh* Unolas, don't you want me to find you?

Who are you?
In these lands, I am called Fyre, and I'm glad you noticed me. Besides you, the only other person who noticed me is Hahn.

Unolas is one name of the One I track, ehm follow, the god of Magic. He came to me in a dream some years ago. He was so handsome, his horns so wickedly piercing, his magic touch ..... erm I digress. I am a priest for him.

In itself, magic is like my homeland. Just when you think you have discovered all its secrets, some new twist appears in the Path and you find a whole new area opened to you. It is fascinating to explore and dangerous to rely on for the practitioner. Yet that same danger is what makes it, hmm .... alluring.

In these lands?
Well I was not born here. As you can see, I am Draegoni. I came here from Iscarlith actually.

Indeed. It is a place of both beauty and peril. The snow glistens blue in the light of the moons; the caves murmur secret thoughts of minerals and ores; the animals bear the cold with luxurious coats, but are much less tame than the puny things in this place.

Why did you come here?
After my dream, Irilion just did not have the same sparkle for me. I overheard some traders speaking of temples built here and decided to come to Seridia EL-DB.comto seek him out yet again. But now here I am on this silly piece of marble trying to puzzle out what Unolas wants me to find. I don't even like the color!

What are you looking for?
I was following a hunch I had about where to find Unolas when the ground around me suddenly disappeared and I swear I heard laughter. I have no desire to leave though people flit by all the time. Most of them don't seem to notice me either. Though perhaps if I could just get this spell to work.....

I'm afraid my appearance here upset him. My method of arrival here did not leave the normal tracks he expected to find. He gasped, grabbed his heart, and stuttered for several moments before he told me how surprised he was. I was relieved my appearance did not cause him lasting harm.

What people?
Lady Luxin and her maid Phiona passed by, a smelly beggar named Ducaal was here, and from time to time, Lord Vermor walks in and looks around, but then leaves again.

Who are they?
From what I understood from them as they passed, Lady Luxin seems to think quite highly of herself. I've seen her type before. She's the kind of woman who wants more power than she currently controls. Her maid Phiona is overworked and under appreciated, the poor dear. Lady Luxin will never be satisfied, I fear.

Ducaal seemed nice enough, except for his smell. I felt bad I was unable to offer him food or coin. Lord Vermor just seems to be periodically checking out this area to see if anything different is happening. But you know what really bothers me?

No. What?
A fellow magician and Draegoni was through here named Zyrilik. He is entirely too self-absorbed. He did not even acknowledge me. For a Draegoni, that was beyond rude. And to think he is actually a cleric of Unolas too! You think he'd respect an elder of the temple like myself. I even gave him a great job to perform!

You're a priest?
Yes, but not his high priest. If you're to serve Unolas, you must seek out Adrian.

Great job
I gave him the opportunity to run the Naralik Magic School in the name of Unolas. Grandmaster Rivena asked for our temple to watch over that school while she ran the Magic School of Tirnym. Rather odd choice, Tirnym isn't exactly bustling with travelers and willing students.

*Weird laughter dances after you as you high-tail it back through the doorway and away from this obsessed woman.*