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NPC: Garett

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 93, 147

A studier of history, including the Great War.


Speak the Words

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Out of the corner of your eye, you see a dwarven man in the alley, barely visible from the shadows oEL-DB.comf the wall. He doesn't seem to be selling drugs or watches so you decide he may be worth talking to.

Who are you?
Vemu, fellow traveler of the world. My name is Garett and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Why are you here?
Well, I'm glad you asked! It's all history I tell you! *His eyes twinkle with pure excitement.* So much has happened next to this very store... this very river... in this very city! Oh, how I love a good history lesson. Now, you certainly know about the Great War, do you not?

Great War
*He stares incredulously.* Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Look around you. *He steps out from the alley and spins around while pointing to his surroundings.* This town once had great, beautiful walls and the architecture matched its complexity. Trust me, the tarnished state Mynadar has been left in by no means compares to the grand city that is now a shadow of the past.

Many of these buildings probably shouldn't even be standing under any ordinary means. Luckily, dwarven architecture is quite durable. *He chuckles lightly.*

Shadow of the Past
This valley, like all other cities on this continent, was under siege by the dark forces of Mortos. Our armies were unprepared for the attack that came by the sea and all of Mynadar was taken by surprise. This city had to be evacuated. And if it wasn't for some quick thinking, many more lives would have been lost than actually were.

Dark Forces
Hundreds, if not thousands, of an assortment of beasts - ranking from Feros to Dragons. Accompanied by those drow elves, their attack was perilous to our home.

Feros? Dragons? Drow?
I guess you are not as well-traveled as you seem. *He gives you a slight wink.* It's quite all right, they aren't a common sight on Seridia. Feros are a giant feline that walk upright such as you or I. DoEL-DB.comn't let their creature-esque appearances fool you - they are highly intelligent and deadly. Then there are dragons. Beautiful and magnificent creatures, but one of the most powerful of foes one can face.

Last, the drow. They are the elves with a bluish tint to their skin. They are very powerful mages and dare I say one of Mortos's most valuable allies in the war.

Where'd they go?
Some fled to the fortified walls of Nordcarn. Others took sanctuary under the protection of Tarsengaard Magic School. Most sealed themselves within the depths of Mynadar and fought to defend the position.

The vast kingdom of King Gondric is not only on the surface, much of the territory can be found underground. There are very few entrances which are highly defendable.

King Gondric
Oh-ho-ho, I could tell you plenty of stories dealing with our great ruler. But I must tell you, he is very friendly, even to outsiders. I mean, he even took the gnomes under his wing and accepted them as his own.

There aren't many gnomes on this continent, much like orchans and draegoni. While there are no true colonies of draegoni here, the orchans formulated a small tribe in Grubani. While the draegoni seemed content with their separation, the gnomes seemed to desire some sort of organization. King Gondric noticed this silent plea and offered all gnomes a home in our colonies and citizenship of our nation.

Most of them took us up on the offer and it's been a beneficial experience for us all.

Quick thinking
*He gestures toward the river.* There used to be a very used and very sturdy bridge right here. When the attack began on Mynadar, people fled across the bridge in an effort to the invaders. One of the dwarves, Erokin, decided to sever the bridge so most of the invaders could not follow. The idea worked well and it allowed for many to flee to Tarsengaard.

He is still commended for his actions. We have yet to rebuild the bridge. Don't ask me why, but everyone is satisfied with the makeshift bridge we use now.

A very honorable member of society, even until this day. You see, goblins and orcs remained in our mines even after the war has ended. Erokin is one of the warriors who fight for our constant safe passage. Dvar bless his soul.

A very wise and revered god to the dwarves and gnomes. He is another reason as to why our two races mesh so well. One day, I wish to visit his temple in Zirakinbar to pay homage to our Father.

Zirakinbar is the main dwarven colony on Irilion. It is, perhaps, twice the size of Gondric's kingdom, above and under the ground.

There is one in Nordcarn and one in the gold mine. There is also a third in the temple, but to access it, you must fight your way through the female orcs that occupy it. Of course, it doesn't stop there... you must also find your way through the maze.

While King Gondric and others of the royal staff may tell you it was once an ancient temple of Dvar... they are only lying. It actually used to be a temple honoring Mortos, but the priests moved to the catacombs of Naralik in years past. I believe that is why Mortos's orcs still linger within our temple's walls... they feel the power that once was.

Very good! 'Twas said with hardly aEL-DB.comn accent. It's a dwarven greeting.

Ta-ta for now. If you ever have questions about Mynadar's history, feel free to return.