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NPC: Garis

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 753, 573

Headmaster for the alchemy school in White Stone who explains the basic of the schools.


Speak the Words

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*A young man stands in the courtyard, apparently enjoying the fEL-DB.comresh air* Greetings! Welcome to the White Stone Alchemy School!

Who are you?
I am Garis, the headmaster and a teacher of this school. I also receive visitors, when time permits, and answer any questions they may have. Do you have any inquiries I can aid you with?

Do you wish to enroll, or have you come with questions? *He smiles openly and encouragingly*

*His eyes brighten* If you wish to be a student of this school, you will have to first speak with the head of enrollment, Ayelle. She's the headmaster of the main Seridian alchemy academy in Desert Pines. At that point, she will assign you to the requested school, whether it be in the main academy or one of the sister schools - like this one.

This is the White Stone branch of the Seridian alchemy schools. The main school resides in Desert Pines, but we also have a research branch in Morcraven Marsh. Well, when Thoth hasn't blown it up, that is... *He adds, rolling his eyes* The schools have different specializations, but we teach in all, so it is up to you which you might like to study at.

That's right. We have now opened our doors to all with interest in alchemy. No matter their skill level, they can improve greatly, simply by practicing it here. Why don't you take a seat by the philosopher's stone and try making some essences? All will become clear.

Indeed. If we all had the same purpose, why would we need so many schools? The locations were chosen quite specifically so that each school could specialize in one or more aspects of alchemy. In the White Stone academy, we specialize in water essences, due to the abundance of sapphires and blue quartz on the Portland border. And naturally, the abundance of flora too. *He smiles*

Yes, it's rather a recent appointment. *He smiles* I was left in the school's care when I was quite young. They raised me and taught me my trade; naturally I began to EL-DB.comteach here to repay that debt. Before I knew it I was cajoled into running the school! *He laughs good-naturedly* But it's an honor to know my talents are appreciated.

Philosopher's stone
It is the symbol, but also the goal, of alchemy. The legends tell of a powerful stone created with alchemy which grants all anyone could desire; life, health, wealth, youth. However, many do not believe such fantasies and see it as but a symbol for all beings' search for knowledge and meaning. Whichever, it is used to represent alchemy and is displayed in all the schools as a bright shining stone.

One of the brightest minds in alchemy that I have come to know... that's the best way to describe Ayelle. She means business, but she has a natural talent and goodness in her that guides her alchemy skills to be one of the highest ranking alchemists on this continent.

If there were ever such thing as a mad scientist, Thoth would certainly fit the ticket. I still respect him, although his methods are rather peculiar and he still remains a revered alchemist as well. He's recently been doing in-depth research on the molecular balance of some of the more advanced essences. If you can make sense of his babble, I'm sure it will be a very educational conversation. *He smirks*

Good luck in all your endeavors. Do consider enrolling!