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NPC: Gazhanar

Location: Southern Kilaran Field

Coordinates: 14, 161

A summoner bragging about his arena in Southern Kilaran.


Speak the Words

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Hey hey hey young summoner! Yes, you found me - congratulations!

Who are you?
Gazhanar is my name, and you just found the best summoning arena in the whole world! Nowhere else will you find such a convenient facility, ideally placed to suit the needs of even the most obsessive-compulsive summoner, and ... *He looks at your countenance.* ... it's not working, eh?

I am not a summoner!
You are not? Then, it is your big chance to start summoning! I am sure you don't need instructions, I see the power of summoning flowing abundantly inside you! So get some life essences, dead animal parts, and, only for you, enter the Arena for FREE!

No, not working at all
Oh well, it looked like such a good idea, when we first talked about it: opening an arena in a previously virgin market, no competition in the whole region of Kilaran, open 24/7... but it didn't work out nearly as well.

Who is 'we'?
Me and my friend Nahark. We started this venture together; he went to open an archery range in Ywarstav, and I opened a summoning arena here in Southern Kilaran. Actually, he is doing much better than I am; he manages to get significant money by selling tickets for the archery range, whereas I have had so few customers here thus far, that I am still offering entrance for free.

But he always was a more learned fellow, and it shows - he has a genius for business!

He is a good guy. Being an orchan, he had some trouble living in White Stone - where we used to live - and in the end he decided to move to Grubani. Good ol' Nahark, he was always in the mood for a beer - and could always have one more than I did. Orchans don't have very good reputations in White Stone, especially within the city. One of Nahark's friends, Thor, has been accused of some

pretty devilish acts recently. Between you and me, I don't know that he has anything to do with the misdeeds. Thor is like in the sense that he likes to drink, but he likes to break people's noses, not cause permanent damage... or death in this case.

I have been there once, visiting Nahark; it is a village in central Grubani, not the prettiest of structures, but nice. Of course, the entire place is ridden with nasty monsters. I am accustomed to Southern Kilaran and know how to manage them, but most other travelers would avoid the place altogether. But if you are safe here, you would have no trouble in Grubani either.

Yep, archery, ranging, shooting... call it anything you want. People getting bows or crossbows and shooting at a target, for practice. That's what an archery arena is all about no? An expensive hobby if you take my word for it, and summoning is so much more gratifying anyway!

The structure you see behind me, that's the magnificent Southern Kilaran Summoning Arena! The virtue of the place is such that when you summon creatures inside the enclosed space, you will only spend half the mana; that feature makes it an ideal place for training summoning!

The land of Kilaran has a glorious history - or at least, that's what they had in their pamphlet. You know, the one with, 'Come start a business in Kilaran,' that they were handing out a couple of years ago. I know nothing more about the place, although you might get more info in the village or at the Manor, east of here. In reality, the land is divided into two regions.

The northern part is very dangerous and people kill each other there all the time. The southern region, where we are now, is not as violent - although we also have strong and dangerous monsters. But I think Southern Kilaran has a bigger potential for business; the village could be rebuilt, and we are close enough to White Stone City that we could trade with them to great profit.

Carmien Manor is the loftiest residence in South Kilaran, was once the residence of the government here. But now I heard it is badly infested, only the old butler of the mansion still lives there. You might want to pay a visit there. I've heard stories that a devious and cruel Lord is the reason that South Kilaran became as infested as it is today. But again, I'm not well-versed in the history.

What happened?
We started implementing our business plan, took out a loan on my natal house in Lakeside, set up a shop here in the village, and then, just two months after we had started, the wEL-DB.comar spread like fire all over Seridia, and Kilaran was laid to waste. And when the war finished, of course, we could not repay the loan - there was a financial crisis everywhere,

I could not borrow more money, and to make a long story short, now I don't have a home, nor a shop. That's why I am trying to make a living here nowadays. I share a campground location south of here, just across the bridge, with a fellow named Pickle.

They called it the Great War, 'cause it laid waste to almost all of Seridia. I am not much schooled, I know not where they came from, nor where they went, but it sure was a hell of a fight! The end result, of course, was the devastation of so many cities, big and small, and so many valiant warriors died in it, that the population is now scant. Very bad for business. *He scowls.*

He is an odd fellow, kind of accident-prone. I know I say a silent prayer every time I walk back to camp and hope the tent isn't on fire, again. He's a nice guy though. He says he comes from the lands of Morcraven and he represents a group known as the Black Cloaks. Pickle said he's on some kind of mission, but he's pretty secretive about the details.

Tell me more
Come on, are you kidding me? You managed to come into South Kilaran unscathed, and you REALLY know nothing about summoning? Swear on Selain that you don't know, and I will believe you.

I swear
Oh my... well, summoning is about temporarily restoring dead creatures to life. Many say that it is a pretty unnatural thing to do, and in fact there is a dark shadow surrounding summoners. Most followers of Aluwen frankly despise them, but don't let them discourage you.

It is a hard art, and you need to study a lot. But the real magic comes from life essences I believe; although those are consumed quickly in the process. The undead creatures will survive only for so long you see? But while they last, they will follow you, and accomplished summoners can command them as they please. They will also fight for you and protect you from foes. Believe me, summoning is well worth practicing!

Feel free to come whenever you want, my aEL-DB.comrena will be always open for free for you!