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NPC: Gemma

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 51, 54

A fashion designer in Valley of the Dwarves.


Speak the Words

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*You see a brightly-dressed dwarf woman absentmindedly sEL-DB.comtroking a gold nugget against the sleeve of her tunic.*

Hello my dear. What brings you here on such a fine day? Looking for the latest fashions are we? You've come to the right place!

Who are you?
My given name is Gemma, but Fax, my unlamented late husband, always insisted I use the title of Lady. He said it would give my clothing designs some class. Dreadful man! Thought he could rule the whole world. He erroneously believed he could challenge even dragons!

Oh yes, *she bubbles.* I'm the tailor to the Court here you know. Why, Megera herself uses no one else - and you know how she prides herself in being so nattily turned out. I just saw her this very morning about some new clothes for the upcoming runway show at dearest Sergio's. Such a darling ... erm person.

*She blinks in surprise at your question.* Why she's cousin to King Gondric of course. You absolutely must have seen her with him. As the Treasurer and Counselor, she never, ever leaves his side.

Well you have met our King haven't you? Now there's a fellow who could really use some help in the couture department, but I suppose he has other things on his mind these days. I know poor Megara has been wasting away with worry!

What's she worrying about?
*Gemma looks at you thoughtfully and then seems to decide that her words won't break any confidences.* Well I was showing her some sketches I've just done and explaining about the use of gold threads for embroidery when she started wringing her hands.

It seems this new healthcare scheme has got everyone badgering her with their opinions and ideas. She's so busy with meeEL-DB.comtings and all that she obviously hasn't been eating. Of course I had to put in a word or three for the tailors as well!

What's your stand on the issue?
I'm, I mean, we're more interested in the by-products of Aleric's idea. I was just sharing a nice bottle of wine with him and Nestor the other day because I wanted to ask him how the plans for the power looms were progressing. He was not all that forthcoming about those as a matter of fact. Hmmmm

How's Aleric involved with healthcare?
*She replies fairly briefly, for which you're quite thankful.* Aleric is a gnome engineer. He has an idea for some machinery to make the gold mining go faster.

How's that related to Healthcare?
*She responds brightly.* Well that's how Gondric plans on paying for it! Employing more people; using new ideas to get old things done faster and of course everybody knows Engineers can't leave well enough alone! How often does good dwarf stock get sick anyway?

I'm confused
*She nods wisely.* I know it is indeed a very divisive issue that has ramifications for all the guilds and races, but it's really very simple... People always need clothes! And they do like fancy ones! *You decide that this woman is slightly off her rocker but then remember that she's an 'Artiste' which explains it all.*

What fashion runway show?
Oh my yes! Dearest Sergio was just thrilled when I told him that we'd soon have gold threads for tunic and robe decorations. I didn't mention the small discs we could attach. Was that too bad of me? I do so want to outshine him for once! *She pauses and looks a bit dubious for a moment.*

Something wrong?
Aleric did say he thought they might need a lot of money to develop a machine that could exflude ... extruct ... exclude (no that can't be right) well 'make' the gold thin enough to be used like cotton threads. Said it would be much easier to stamp out some disc like things with the presses he already has.

Is Nestor an Engineer too?
No he's a crafter of course, *she replies with a wink.* But I think he's more interested in that new mineral they found. Amber I think he called EL-DB.comit. I really wasn't paying attention once they started talking about needing money to develop the new machine and how wealthy the guilds all are.

Good bye Dearie. Come see me soon about those new clothes! Everyone will soon be wearing Gemma!