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NPC: Gerund

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 167, 31

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Alone I Break 1
  2. Alone I Break 2

As the owner of Gerund's Smithery in Valley of the Dwarves, he also heads all the manufacturing schools in Seridia.


Speak the Words

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*With shoulders as wide as an ax handle and arms like tree trunks, you think this dwarf could only be a blacksmith. You wonder if he even needs a hammer and anvil. What you find is the broad grin on his face. As you approach, as though he's reading these thoughts, he breaks into laughter. It is a warm and infectious laugh and you find yourself joining in.*

Who are you?
Hello! *He chuckles.* By Glilin's forge I'm delighted to see you. Welcome to Gerund's Smithery. I'm Gerund, wanderer. *He holds out his hand to you. Cautiously, you extend yours as your eyes follow the line of his arm past his broad shoulders to his face. His grip is firm but gentle as he shakes your hand. You sigh with relief.* Pleased to meet you.

And me you.
*There is a distinct twinkle in his eye.* Thought I was going to rip your arm off, did you? *His laugh echoes off the walls surrounding his smithery.* The way I'm built, I get that a lot. How can I help you, today? Have you come to enroll?

Just looking around.
Take your time and look 'til your heart's content. All are welcome here, and feel free to come on back when you have time to stay longer. I enjoy having visitors.

I head up all the Seridian manufacturing schools with some of my former students. Maybe you've met some of them? Karn has a shop and a school down in Lakeside. He was always fond of making weapons. He calls his school the White Stone Militia Supplies Blacksmithing School. You should check it out. Paul is in charge of the other school.

What other school?
Paul runs the school in Portland. Paul and Karn were students about the same time and both of them excelled at making weapons. But Paul ran into a problem when he was trying to get his school going, so I felt it was my duty to help him out. When I did, like two links in a chain, we became welded together with an unbreakable bond.

What problem?
You should probably ask Paul. I don't like to gossip. Anyway, besides Karn and Paul, I have links to Gerald, Thorron, Jandir, and even Tankel, all former students.

Thorron was also here about the same time as Paul and Karn. While those two specialized in weapons of particular materials, Thorron seemed only interested in making axes, and by far, his are the best. Paul and EL-DB.comKarn managed to settle down in one spot, but Thorron, he's got the heart of a gypsy, I think, since he tends to wander about from place to place. The last I heard he was visiting Karn, but moved further south.

Jandir of clan Mithril is trying to reopen the shop in town that her father once ran. Her father and I grew up together, studied blacksmithing together and set ourselves up about the same time; he opened his shop and I built this.

What happened to him?
Jandir can tell you more about him than I can. I don't gossip, remember? Now where were we?

It is the sad times in life that help us know happiness. Just as Tankel finished his schooling here, he met his beloved Bethamelle. They married and moved to Morcraven Marsh where Tankel planned to set up his shop next to the home he built. Before long, Bethamelle was with child, but when Kelcha was born there were complications. There was nothing the midwife could do for Bethamelle and she died.

When that happened, Tankel's soul was torn in two. The half that lives delights in his daughter who has become an accomplished tanner, but the other half seems to have died with Bethamelle. Though he takes on repair jobs from time to time, his heart is just not in it. You should visit with him, though. Visitors help make the heart light and joyful.

Any others?
I taught Mayven too, but his heart led him down a different path. He became a priest of Glilin. From time to time he comes back to this area, so perhaps you may see him around. Now I know you want me to tell you more about him, but he's the only one who can tell his story correctly. I'm sure I'd just muck it up.

Glilin is the god I serve, the god of manufacturing. By following him, I do my best to bring true craftsmanship into the world, whether it is done through my arms or through my students, the result is the same. If you wish to seek him out, Mayven can tell you more or you can visit his priest Baostas at Glilin's temple in Nordcarn.

You just teach?
Most of the time. As you can tell, I like to stay involved in the lives of my students. I also like to stay involved in local events. There are rumors going arounEL-DB.comd that King Gondric is going to establish a way for dwarves everywhere to stay healthy. And I like to keep in touch with my friends in the local gnomes community.

I'm not sure of the details, but thanks to my gnome friends, they've given me some ideas I'd like to develop to help protect my mining brethren. It will mean some experimenting, but can you imagine if I were to come up with a way to make steel-toed boots? Or lighted helmets to protect the heads of miners? So, I've petitioned Megera for some resources.

Gnomes here?
Yes. There's a whole community of gnomes living among us dwarves. We're such a friendly people after all. It was Aelric who gave me the ideas about the boots and helmets. What a mind on that guy, but in other ways... well, I don't like to gossip so you should probably talk to Aelric yourself.

She's King Gondric's treasurer. Anyone wanting anything has to go through her since she holds the purse strings. She's also his cousin, so keep that in mind if you speak to her. She rarely comes topside since she prefers to stay in the second mine.

Thank you.
You're welcome. I truly enjoyed our visit. *He holds out his hand once again. This time, you grasp it in friendship without hesitation.* Stop by again any time. I do love having visitors. Take care.

Always a pleasure having friends stop by!