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NPC: Gilrand

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 251, 236

Originally from Hurquin, Gilrand is a bard chosen by King Gondric.


Speak the Words

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*You see a male Gnome holding onto a piece of paper scribbling and sometimes playing a couple notes on a lute. You walk up and greet hEL-DB.comim, perhaps a little loudly. He jumps up, startled* What the woozes! Oh boy, give me one second if you will. You frightened me there.

Who are you?
Who am I? Surely you must know! I am the most amazing, if I may say so myself, Gnomish bard that ever lived: Gilrand of Hurquin. *He smiles proudly* Why else would the amazing King Gondric himself choose me as his court bard? Ah, and I would be even better if it weren't for my little... problem.

What are you doing?
I am creating what is yet to be the most amazing song to be heard. They will write songs about how amazing this song was! Now all I need is the song. I need a spark, an idea. A beginning. And more importantly, an end!

King Gondric
Why, you do not know much at all about us do you? King Gondric Mithrilfist is the king of all dwarves and gnomes in Seridia. He is the most amazing person I know, besides myself of course. He is the only person I value more than myself. He is such a generous and kind person. Always thinking of others. Definitely more than worthy of my songs and poems!

Ah... yes that is something I would rather not discuss...

Court bard
Indeed, the one and only! I write poetry and songs for the royal court. Of course to me that only means for King Gondric. He pays a lovely fee for such talent, and of course I have become more famous than ever before!

Ah. That brings back memories. Hurquin is where I was born. A lovely place, small, but quaint. It was so very inspiring. The scenery was amazing; I could easily travel and every time I would bring back tales. The kids loved listening to them. Those were the days... *he snaps back to the present*

The end is important?
Why of course! Every good story has an ending. You don't need a beginning for that! You could start in the middle of a story and have it lead to nowhere, but if it has a good ending it makes up for all the rEL-DB.comest. The ending is why all the stuff that happened first happened! It is the irony that makes a joke funny, the happy ending that makes you cry in a fairytale, and the last time to scream in a horror story.

It is how things turn out. What you work to. Why, the ending is the most important part of the tale indeed!

Why yes. I write about only the most amazing people. It would be rather boring if I wrote a song about a farmer's dog or something.

OK, fine. Well... the almighty King Gondric asked me to write a poem, or a song about how amazing his endeavors were and how they turned out, including his idea to solve the crisis. But to tell you the truth, I haven't the faintest idea what they all were, and he hasn't even solved the crisis yet!

I can spin a golden fleece of amazing adventures and ideas, especially for him, but for this; I am blank! *He hides his face in his hands*

You were famous?
Well, not exactly famous, but I had good songs. After all, it's the songs and tales that the people remember, not the bard. Surely you must know some of my songs. But everyone loved to listen to me, they still do, but not like before. Now I'm important!

You don't look that amazing now
Well of course I'm amazing! I'm just a little... stuck. *He looks away, pretending to be indifferent*

Can I help?
Not exactly. Unless you can convince King Gondric to give me a different assignment. *You clearly show you aren't planning to try* Ah, who am I kidding, it's EL-DB.comobvious you won't do that. Why, I can see it in your eyes, even though I can't see them. Well, then I guess there really isn't anything you can do for me now.

You seem a little starstruck of King Gondric
Who wouldn't be! Everyone loves him and he is, as far as I'm concerned, the best king the Dwarves and Gnomes have ever known!

Isn't that something to work with?
I'm sorry to say so, but that's the whole problem. I know how amazing he is, I simply don't know what he's done. And on top of that, no inspiration, remember?

If you must. Farewell. It was... interesting talking to you *You can tell by the look on his face that he's lying, but you let it be*