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NPC: Giovanni

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 58, 224

Giovanni bears a grudge against an alleged rulebreaker at the DP arenas.


Speak the Words

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*You see a pathetic-looking man sitting in the brush. He looks up at you with hEL-DB.comis puppy eyes and tears glistening in the light* Everything! I lost everything!

Who are you?
*He sniffles* I'm Giovanni... not like you'll actually care or remember. If I still was actually worth something, you might give a damn... But ever since that asshole broke the rules, now I'm the equivalent to a piece of trash. No one will respect me now that I lost my shiny armor!

Shiny armor
Well, my parents have a good bit of money and I bought red dragon armor to come and show off to the other fighters at that arena over there. It seems that's all people do there besides fighting... showing off their armor and sparkly swords that is. Without it, I'll be the laughing stock that always gets killed now.

Broke the rules
You betcha! The laws of Desert Pines states that any form of combat must remain within the confines of the arena... specifically the gray stone part of it. However, some smart ass still shot me as I was exiting the arena to rest... it nearly killed me, too! If it weren't for Kaya, I'd be dead from that arrow wound. The pain was so terrible that I passed out.

When I awoke, I realized that all my possessions had been removed and stolen. I tried asking around to see if anyone had information on the thief, but I've had no luck. So now I sit here from day to day, hoping to find the bastard who stole my armor and warning people about the loophole.

She's an angel sent straight from the heavens I tell you! Her beauty is nothing short of magnificent and her touch is rather... special. *He blushes when he realizes you're looking at him oddly* Oh don't take that the wrong way! She has a special ability... to heal wounds with the simple touch of her hand. It's a gift bestowed upon her by Aluwen from what I'm told.

That would make sense, since she is a cleric of Aluwen. I wish I had that ability to use... I could show it off to the others at the arena! I wouldn't need armor and I'd still be popular! *He sighs* If only...

As soon as I realized what happened to me, I immediately went to Golric for help. He said there was nothing to do about it because there was no law. I couldn't believe that, so I went to MayoEL-DB.comr Kalana and told her my story. After she looked at the laws of the arenas, we discovered this archery tactic was not included in the original write-up of the law, it wasn't against the law.

You have no idea how infuriated I was! So I asked her how the law doesn't stop archers from running amuck throughout Corren. Apparently, what happened to me is legal as long as the shot was fired while I was still in the arena... even if it hit me after I left. *He starts to whimper slightly* This just isn't fair! Kalana won't do a thing about it either. I knew I should have voted for Isabella.

He's the sheriff in town, but I rarely see him get off his lazy ass unless it's an issue that directly affects him. He usually sends out other people to do his business. I'm sure if you wanted to work on a case, he'd make you think like he was giving you 'permission' to do the case and that you should thank him. This, in reality, is just him pawning off his work on others, and getting paid for it.

She was the underdog candidate in the last election, ran under the green party ballot, whatever that means. She had some decent ideas, but didn't have the funding or political backing that Kalana did. I didn't want the others at the arena to make fun of me for voting for a nobody, but now that I look back at it, seems like she would have been the wiser candidate.

There's more than one arena?
Yes, the second one seems to be forgotten easily. If you just follow the path to the Crystal Cave entrance from here, you'll come across it. It's a bigger arena, meant for stronger opponents, but still rarely used. I guess the strong would much rather prey on the weak in this area instead.

*You notice a glimmer of hope in his eyes*. Just be careful if you are going to venture into the arena. I wouldn't want you to fall to the same trick that I had the misfortune of experiencing. Remember, always stop one tile outside the arena, in the no drop zone. Wait a few seconds, then walk away.