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NPC: Gladys

Location: Desert Pines House of Gladys

Coordinates: 53, 164

A friendly and chatty mid-wife that resides in Desert Pines.


Speak the Words

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*You see an old woman who smiles warmly at you making you feel welcomed and comfortable. Though the years have mostly been kind to her, her back is slightly bent. Through her eyes, you can tell thaEL-DB.comt she has seen great happiness often, but also some sadness. She moves about her home with confidence, though you suspect her pace has slowed over the years.* Howdee! Come on in and rest a little.

Thank you.
That's a good stout chair, there. It's held up maaaaany a visitor in it's day. Now don' be shy, you jus' hep yer'self to the food on the table there and you can tell me all about what brings you here.

Who are you?
Call me Gladys, dear. Would you like somethin' to wash that down with? No? Ok, but if ya change yer mind, you jus' hollar. I got plenty.

What do you do?
When I'm not here at the house you mean? Well, I go here and there helpin' babies get born. I'm a midwife, you see.

There's no better job to have, if yer askin' me. There is absolutely nothin' like seein' the tears of joy on a new mama's face. Each birthin' is different from the last, you see, and ever' single one of 'em is special. New life comes in the middle of the night, in a downpour of rain, or when the sun is shinin'. It comes any day of the week. It's wonderful.

Every one?
If you have the eyes to see it, yes. Sometimes I have wondered why tragedy might strike ever' once in a while. I wondered if there mighta been somethin' I coulda done differ'nt to make tragedy go somewheres else.

What could you do?
If you know what you're doin', it's like pie: they's more than one way to make an apple pie or a cherry pie. Lots of things in life are like that. The same is true with problems that come up while birthin' babies. They's more than one way to do all kinds of things. It's a matter of knowin' which way to do a thing and if that don' work, you try another way.

Sometimes a mama needs the help of special herbs I git from Kronos while ot'er EL-DB.comtimes she just needs to see the face of 'er man to know he's there for support.

I had no idea
Most folk don't. It looks to me like yer git up 'n go is ready to move on. You come by and visit for a spell agin, now. Ya hear? Tatu hasn't been comin' 'round much lately, but at least Astra still visits.

Don't let his size fool ya... he's as soft as a gentle white rabbit hoppin' along through the woods. He bumped into me on one of my travels back home from Portland. Dear boy couldn't even see me because I'm so tiny and he's so big. Landed right on my butt I did and my back started actin' up. He was so apologetic and carried me all the way back to my bed.

The dear boy visited me ever' day until I was better. Even helped him work on his Common too. It's still not that good, but that child, he's come a long way. I hope he visits soon... the damn Harvy is probably working him like a mule.

She's such a sweet neighbor girl livin' a few houses o'er. If ya couldn't tell, I've grown quite fragil' wit age, so Astra gits my groceries for me so I don't have to strain my back.

You know, most folks find him to be a sweet man, but after Tatu told me how he treats him, I know that man has darkness in 'im. I was even reckonin' to myself to tell Golric 'bout it, but that man doesn't take kindly to outsiders.

He's the sheriff in these parts. If you ain't from 'round here, I don't reckon you should talk much with 'im. That boy can be very judgemental of outsiders.

Now that's a sad tale. Tankel lost his sweet wife Bethamelle when Kelcha was born. She was too weak at the end from all the bleedin' she was doin'. I knowed would stop it, but from that tragedy that brought tears to Tankel's eyes, his precious Kelcha was born and that love he feels for her is strong!

He runs the magic shop in the caverns. Sells me plants wit some magical properties and such. Makes the birthin' easier on the mamas. Kronos is such a peach. I've been a loyal patron to him and he 'sures me he'll have them herbs I be needin' in stock.

Well ok. Don' be a stranger now. Bye bye.