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NPC: Glont

Location: Portland Titanium Mine level 1 Titanium Mine level 2

Coordinates: 146, 62

A former miner in the Portland titanium mine, he is now a skeleton, one of several that were once miners who died doing their jobs.


Speak the Words

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You see a skeleton, a little bit different than the others around, perhaps because he iEL-DB.coms not trying to attack you. There is also a glimmer of intelligence in his eye socket.

Who are you?
*He turns his head and stares through you* My name is Glont. What are you doing in my mine?

*He shakes his head and laughs* My job? I guess haunting would be the best description.. Or perhaps roaming around, enjoying my afterlife.. But I used to be a miner, back to the time I lived.

Do you see the other skeletons around here? They are my former crew.. I guess they are haunting too, but it seems that I and I alone have some dram of lucidity. The others are mindless drones, without any recollection of their previous life. I guess you can call them feral. Be careful around them, they can be dangerous.

Maybe more than a miner. I was the foreman. It was my job to ensure the safety of everyone working here, and I failed. There was a terrible accident, and everyone died, including myself. I am the one responsible for their deaths, and perhaps it is my punishment to spend my eternity here, in this form.

We didn't have a proper ventilation system, so the methane accumulated in the mine, and one day it exploded. The tunnels collapsed, and most of us got trapped in here. As you can imagine, safety was not our main concern.

I am talking about standard mining safety, such as having a proper ventilation system, methane detectors, redundant tunnels, just in case one fails, reinforced walls, and other common sense measures. But I was greedy, and didn't allocate enough money for that. Instead, I tried to just maximize the production by buying new machinery and hiring more people, without thinking about their security.

I was responsible for my men, and I failed. And here I am, trapped in this... body.. if you can call it that, unable to move on. I wish I could turn back the time, I wish I was wiEL-DB.comser and less greedy back then, but, obviously, there is nothing I can do about it now. But at least I can tell others about my story, so that maybe some other lives will be saved.

My mine
Well, not actually all mine, but I owned 20% of it. It was part of the Idaloran mining company, and I was a shareholder. The only shareholder who actually was a miner as well, the rest of them were your standard 'businessman', old fat people who don't even know what a mine looks like on the inside. That's maybe one of the reasons why accidents were so frequent in the mine, no one gave a fuck about the miners.

I think you met them already.. All the undeads in this mine were my crew. If you were attacked by them on your way here, I am sorry. I wish I could reason to them, but they won't listen to anyone or anything. Probably because they have no brains left. But then again, neither do I. *he laughs*

Idaloran Mining Company
I am not sure if they are still in business, the mine accident was many years ago, and since then I didn't have much contact with the outside world. They didn't even bother to come here and do some investigation. Anyway, at the time I worked with them, they were responsible for most of the mining on both continents. Iron, copper, coal, diamonds, even hydrogenium, everything was mined and sold by them.

The whole system was pretty centralized, and there was very little competiton involved, so we controlled the prices for virtually all the mineral resources. The mines were bought or rented by the company, so if someone wanted to mine something for themselves they would have to go to some remote mines that were not controlled by us. This, of course, made it impossible for them to compete with us.

Sometimes I talk to others like you, people who come here to mine titanium, and they don't remember much about the company, so I would guess that for some reason or another it does not exist anymore. If you ever find more about it, please let me know, I would like to know what happened. I just can't see how such a powerful company just dissapeared.

It's been nice talking to you, it is not often that I can talk to someone that can talk back..