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NPC: Gniles

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall East Meeting Hall Hallway Animal Study Room PK Sewers

Coordinates: 273, 33

Professor of magical combat at Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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As you make your way down the sewer tube, you come across an armed dwarf fighting a skeleton. EL-DB.comYou wait 'til he has finished his fight and the skeleton lays in a pile of bones at his feet.

Hello my friend. Don't run into many people in this part of the school. Are you lost?

Well then it is lucky that you found me. Keep going a little further into this tube and you will find a ladder, take that ladder up and you will find yourself in the animal study room. Say hello to Wimmip for me.

No, who are you?
*He narrows his eyes.* You aren't a student here are you? *You shake your head and he nods.* Didn't think you looked familiar. If you had said yes I would have had to yell at you for being where you don't belong. I am Professor Gniles, the magical combat professor of this school.

You can call me Professor G. Everybody does. Piotr keeps telling me that I should be called Professor N because the G is silent. I keep telling him what an idiot he is because my name doesn't start with an N now does it? He STILL says it should be Professor N, I STILL say he's a moron.

Where I don't belong
Students aren't really supposed to be down here in the sewers. We make exceptions for those who want to take the quick smelly way over to the laboratory to avoid getting lost in the maze, but other then that, they aren't to be hanging around down here.

If you wander around down here long enough, not only will you come out smelling like the inside of a yeti, but you will also probably run into Piotr, who incidentally has to spend so much time down here that yeti guts smell good by comparison. Poor Piotr was the janitor, once upon a time.

Then the school started to have some pretty 'crappy' problems down here on a 'regular' basis which put the Grandmaster in a real 'bind' so that little 'turd' Piotr wEL-DB.comas 'squeezed' into the position of sewer maintenance worker until things start 'flowing more smoothly'. *He busts out laughing.* I'm sorry, I'm sorry. *He chuckles.*

Every time I'm down here I can't help but make 'corny' poop jokes. At least my jokes are only 'number 2' on the worst thing you will find in the sewer list. *He laughs again so hard he almost cries. When a goblin wanders by, he kills it with a few quick slashes of his sword while still chuckling.*

Why are you down here?
I come down here from time to time to keep the population of goblins and skellies in check. *He kills one of each in passing without even pausing for breath.* Sometimes the students who don't belong down here come down anyway for a bit of battle fun.

So if there are less monsters to mess around with, there is less reason to be here and more reason to go to the combat training room. I have heard rumors that students have begun to avoid the battle room in favor of the stink of the sewers because they dislike losing all their training battles to Raum, and I know for sure they most definitely hate losing to Arbella.

Ahh Raum is one of my most promising students. He is an orchan you see and most orchans are very skilled in battle. He came to this school to learn the art of using magic in combat and is coming along nicely. Inside the battle room Raum is a beast, outside it he is a surprisingly shy young orchan.

Even inside the battle room he has one major weakness. He seems most unwilling to truly challenge little Arbella. *He pushes aside the pile of bones that is growing at his feet.*

*He grins* Ahh, little Miss Arbella, my great find. I spoke with the Grandmaster personally about adding my class to her course schedule. It took quite a bit of fast talking but I finally convinced him that she could handle the extra class as a first year student.

He was worried that adding magical combat to her schedule might distract her from her chosen course of Elementary Elements. I think the Grandmaster also taken a personal interest in Arbella. She is one of the only gnome students that you will find here in the magic school who truly studies magic.

She is a very powerful little bit of a thing with a strong natural control over the wind. She is also highly skilled at using magic in combat. Once she learned not to shrink from all those bigger than her, nothing could stop her.

Most students barely have the time to clash blades with her before she has them harmed into the ground or doubled over from poison! She has sent Jemen to the infirmary more then once. Everyone underestimates her strength because of her size and that is their undoing. *You realize that he has killed 3 more skellies and 2 goblins while he has been talking.*

*He scowls and kills another passing monster.* Jemen is one of my more...trying students. His battle skills aren't as sharply honed as many students who come here. Instead of working harder on his form and his technique he prefers to blame others for his shortcomings.

He particularly dislikes sparing with Raum, claiming that he has too much of an advantage since the orchan way of life has them training for battle from the time they are very small. When I pair Jemen up with Arbella, who had no battle training until she came to the school, he claims the fight is unfair because Arbella has trained her magic since a very young age.

I wonder when that boy expects to find himself in a fair battle situation outside the relative safety of the school battle room.

Raum won't fight Arbella?
Oh no, the boy never refuses the chance for a good battle, but when he and Arbella face off... well its hard to explain. He seems to lose a lot of the ferociousness that makes him an exceedingly tough opponent. He seems to be bothered mostly by their size difference. He may feel that he has an unfair advantage, but I am not sure.

I do know that his hesitation has left him open to a few really well-cast offensive spells by Arbella though. She can bring the boy to his knees without even swinging a sword. He must learEL-DB.comn to look beyond whatever bothers him about fighting Arbella if he truly wants to be a great warrior as he claims. *The conversation pauses again as he mows down another herd of monsters.*

Watch where you step on the way out!