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NPC: Golric

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 275, 273

The not-so-friendly sheriff of Desert Pines, appointed by mayor Kalana.


Speak the Words

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As you approach, you realize you've failed to notice this guy until he turns his head and spits. His steel blue eyes watch every move you make from under the brim of his hat. His leaEL-DB.comthery skin tells you this guy spends most of his time in the sun. He's big and looks like he could easily break up a fight or finish it if the need arose. He nods in greeting to you.

Good Day
*Another brown stream of spit is ejected from his mouth onto the ground at his side.* Yep.

Who are you?
Folks around here call me Golric, but you can call me Sheriff.

Yessiree Bob. I'm one of the most powerful people you'll find in these parts.

Why so formal?
Cause yer kind ain't from around here. I know all the locals - it's my job - and I keep my eyes pealed for riffraff. You look like riffraff to me.

Bob? Riffraff? That's not my name.
So you're a funny one, are ya? We don't take kindly to that sort of thing around here. Maybe you should take your little show on the road. They might like that kind of thing down in Portland, but it ain't wanted here. *He shows further disdain as yet another splat of spit hits the ground.*

Why so unfriendly?
Listen, you. Around here what I say goes. It's my job to keep order and maintain the peace. You, you look just like trouble.

Who made you the boss?
Why it was Governor Kalana herself who appointed me to my post. She makes the laws I enforce them. Besides, who else would my little sister trust than her big brother.

Yep. It comes in all shapes and sizes and looks just like you. Now I know what you're going to say. You're going to say, 'You shouldn't judge a book by its cover'.

That's right!
How'd I know? 'Cause I've read that book time and time again. Most people find Kane to be a good man through and through, but my senses tell me otherwise. I have a way of reading the entire novel in just a glance. I'm currently lookin' into that large miner character and that Nevina woman.

He's the captain of one of the ships in the port. You'd be best not to get mixed up with his kind, that is, if you want to stay on my good side.

This is your good side?
I don't reckon I like your attitude. Do me and yourself a favor and move on, if you get my drift.

Tatu something or other is his name. Doesn't hail from these parts and I don't trust that feller. Them outsiders are always up to no good, but Harvy will vouch for that giant and I haven't been able to go near 'em.

One of the strangest females I've ever met. She really thinks she can speak them wee folk. I'd toss her in the looney bin if my sister told me not to. She said she's scientist of sorts tryin' to help our town. I don't think we should be takin' help from the likes of her.

Upstandin' citizen all around. Good ol' Jasper makes a hefty sum when' the taxes from Harvy. He does good business and we profit as a town from it.

Yessiree. While I am like my sis's right hand, Jasper is like her left. He finds new ways to tax the folks of Corren and our funds go way up. Helps pay for my financial needs, too. Heh.

Ok. I'm going.
Yep. It IS a good day.