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NPC: Granny Lorpak

Location: Isla Prima Granny Lorpak's House

Coordinates: 15, 59

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Manufacturing Beginner's Quest

A widower who is in need of assistance getting healing potions.

Granny Lorpak

Speak the Words

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**** PRE-QEL-DB.comUEST ****
You see an old lady with a worried face. In her eyes you read her cry for help? She can barely speak... and coughs badly, you cant help feeling sorry for the old lady...

Hello, who are you?
Hello there stranger, I am Mrs Lorpak. My husband was a great tailor here on the Seridian continent. Unfortunately a roaming gargoyle took my husband's life when he was on his way back from negotiations with a clothes designer. I am all alone and need someone to help me.

Can I help?
That is most generous of you. I don't have much to EL-DB.comgive as a reward, but are you willing to help me?

Yes, of course!
Oh, that's so nice of you! I am an old woman, with no family to help me. I am not in the best of health and I could use some healing potions. If you can make me 3 healing potions, I would be very grateful. Please hurry, so I can tell you my problem. I don't feel good at all...

How do I make healing potions?
You make a healing potion by mixing 1 sunflower, 1 vial and 1 wine in your manufacture window (hammer/anvil icon). The sunflowers you can find in Desert Pines, in the garden of the house near the bridge. The wine you can buy in one of the many taverns throughout Seridia. Vials are usually bought at Harvy's, he lives in Desert Pines, near the storage cave, he charges 5 quartz and 3 gold coins.

Nah, I have other things to do...
Maybe you can help me some other time. Goodbye.

**** IF QUEST IS DONE ****
You see an old lady who is quietly reading a book. When she hears your footsteps she looks up and smiles.

How are you?
Very well, now that Admana has paid for tailoring business. Thank you so much for your help in settling our little dispute!