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NPC: Gretch

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 237, 359

Living mostly in solitude in Grubani, Gretch may or may not be her real name.

She is in hiding from Antigone, a servant of Lord Luxin who considers herself the chief of police.


Speak the Words

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Crouching over a fireplace, you see a thin young woman. AEL-DB.coms she notices you approaching, she quickly tries to hide.

No need to hide!
*She looks at you suspiciously, then, reassured by your countenance, gets back to her place beside the fireplace.* Hello. Sorry, you startled me. I have some fish here, wanna share some? It's not much, but the sea wasn't generous last night.

Who are you?
You can call me Banach. Or Valanya. Or Meritta. I tend to... uh... adjust my name to the circumstances. But when I have no reason to choose another name, I go with Gretch - yes, you can call me Gretch.

Yes, please
*She hands you a yummy-looking piece of fish skewered on a stick.* Now, don't tell me you would prefer deer ham - we don't have such delicacies here. And of course I can't go shopping in town!

Why not?
Errr... there's no need to go into details. Let's just say I can't show my face in big cities or around markets to tell it plainly... But it doesn't matter anymore - I've adjusted to living here. It's not such a bad place, after all. True, it's missing some amenities; but in exchange I can do as I please. In the end, living in a semi-savage land is a small price to pay for freedom.

Well, there are many types of freedom. These days, freedom means not getting busted! *She laughs cheerfully.* Trust me, if Antigone or Golric found my little hideout here, my life would quickly get miserable... you're not going to tell any of them, right? You see, I tend not to kill without need... don't make me think there is a need.

No need!
Good, I think you're a nice person after all. Would be a shame if I had to kill you.

That ignoramus, Antigone, is Lord Luxin's most stupid servant. She calls herself 'Chief of Police' but I daresay, if all police were like her... meh. And no, it's nEL-DB.comot because I'd like to get rid of the cops altogether! *Laughter erupts again.* Rather, I have tricked her so many times that I can't believe she hasn't been fired.

At times I do need to go into town, into White Stone City that is. You know... a little 'shopping'... or 'acquiring' money for said shopping! Anyway, you won't believe what ridiculous disguises I have used from time to time - and not once has Antigone caught me! My best effort was when I dressed up in men's clothes, pretended to be a merchant from Portland, and asked HER for directions to the Palace!

Can you believe it, not only did she not recognize me, but she offered to escort me all the way to the Palace and even commended me to the guards to boot!

And then?
I think Lady Luxin is still searching for her finest collection of silver plates. *She smiles and you see pride in her eyes.*

Golric: 'the beast'. That guy is so full of himself that just remembering his own title of 'sheriff' fills his brain completely. If he were not Kalana's brother, he would probably be sent to the titanium mines for the rest of his days. But since he's got family connections, he's the highest ranking police officer in Corren instead.

They have a large titanium mine in Portland, north-west of the city. It's funny that some folk are scared of the few skellies that roam the place. For someone accustomed to living in Grubani, like me or Celeste, they aren't a problem. Yet, to the locals of Portland and Corren, going to the titanium mine is a big thing.

At times they send people to the mines as a form of punishment, since accidents tend to happen there rather often. Some still say the spirit of Glont haunts the mine. I say that's a load of bull.

She's easily one of the craziest women I have ever met and yet we get along famously. Of course, she is TOTALLY upper-class... if you meet her, don't forget to address her as'Lady Celeste' - she is somewhat posh in that respect. *She grins.* But we have much in common, especially in that we value the freedom this roguish life in Grubani gives us.

She is the Governor of Corren. I don't know her well. I think she lives in her office while I attend to my business mostly in and around the harbor... jumping from ship to ship - literally! I am very proud to have my own file in her accounts though, under the 'misc. losses incurred' heading. *She chuckles.*

Well, as you may have noticed, Grubani is not well connected: we have a passage to White Stone in the north, and the only regular transport is the ship to Portland far to the south, so I have to use that for most of my trips. I cannot very well pass through Naralik, since recently that dwarf, Viorel, opened a storage right next to the passage. That's way too risky and I'd surely be recognized.

Of course, sooner or later Rabenoen will complete her ship, and then more routes will be opened. I'm not sure if that will be good or bad. I kind of like Grubani just as it is: savage, underpopulated, and dangerous. This place suits me. Though I have seen a lot more orchans here recently now that the continents are reconnected.

He has a storage in southeastern Naralik, near the pass between Grubani and Naralik. He is very popular, since he runs the only place in all Seridia where you can deposit hazardous materials... which seems both unsafe and unhealthy to me, but I'm not in a position to put my nose in his business. Not in clear view, anyway!

She is a shipwright, actually she heads the shipyard south of here. *She gestures vaguely in that direction.* As far as elves go, she is one of my favorite ones - very unlike the other elves I have met. At times she might seem a little out of her mind, but I like her anyway!

As you might have noticed, Grubani is underpopulated; Ywarstav in the south has some activity at times, especially when they host archery events. But overall, we are lacking most normal services. There are few shops, and life is generally tough. Here in the north, I only see an occasional miner - or some adventurous traveler like yourself!

You are persistent, aren't you? Well, I see no reason to tell you about my business. Let's just say, 'a fool and his money are soon parted', and I make surEL-DB.come that saying rings true! On the other hand, I can't just sit and starve, right? I could have been a brilliant crafter, but alas, life is not always fair.

I have always had nimble fingers, but my parents could not afford to send me to crafting school... so I chose the next best profession. Tilling the land was just not my thing. But worry not, I'm very picky in choosing my 'unwilling' business partners. Rich nobles and fat merchants rarely notice they are missing what I avail myself of!

Rumor has it that he was a foreman of the titanium mine before the original accident. Many have claimed that his voice still lives inside the empty remains of a skeleton, but that just sounds like a load of dung to me.

A small tribe of orchans has formed in Omlinor, a town at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. It is lead by a fellow named Throvnc who appears to be a shaman of Glydoc. I don't know much about that god, but apparently it's a very important god for the orchan race. But the orchans only seem to pay homage to the shaman and then scatter across the continent to do their business.

There are still quite a few Orchans who live and work in the area, but we don't talk much... only a few of them speak decent Common. Sadly, not many of them have deep pockets or heavy pouches. A shame really, that's like having your meal delivered.

Enjoy your stay in Grubani - and don't forget to look behind your back from time to time! *She grins.*