The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
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NPC: Grigore Ureche

Location: Emerald Valley Trade Route

Coordinates: 303, 248

Type: Bookseller

EVTR bookseller, specializing in books about Irilion rings and tailoring.

Grigore Ureche

Sells 49 items

Anitora Ring Building Anitora Ring Building3,000
Bethel Ring Building Bethel Ring Building4,000
Book of Baggy Pants Book of Baggy Pants20,000
Book of Black Dye Book of Black Dye5,000
Book of Blue Dye Book of Blue Dye5,000
Book of Boots Making Book of Boots Making20,000
Book of Buccaneer Hat Book of Buccaneer Hat14,000
Book of Doublets Making Book of Doublets Making20,000
Book of Dresses Book of Dresses20,000
Book of Fabric Dyeing Book of Fabric Dyeing5,000
Book of Fabric Weaving Book of Fabric Weaving5,000
Book of Green Dye Book of Green Dye5,000
Book of Hood Book of Hood20,000
Book of Jackets Making Book of Jackets Making20,000
Book of Mage Robes Book of Mage Robes20,000
Book of No More Warlock Book of No More Warlock20,000
Book of Orange Dye Book of Orange Dye5,000
Book of Peasant Dress Making Book of Peasant Dress Making20,000
Book of Peasant Skirts Making Book of Peasant Skirts Making20,000
Book of Purple Dye Book of Purple Dye5,000
Book of Red Dye Book of Red Dye5,000
Book of Robe Book of Robe15,000
Book of Robe Skirts Book of Robe Skirts19,000
Book of Santa Hat Book of Santa Hat20,000
Book of Scarves Book of Scarves9,000
Book of Skirts Book of Skirts20,000
Book of Tricorn Hat Book of Tricorn Hat12,000
Book of Tunic Book of Tunic20,000
Book of Tunic of the Ninja Book of Tunic of the Ninja20,000
Book of Tunic/Shirt Book of Tunic/Shirt25,000
Book of Vests Book of Vests20,000
Book of Wedding Dress Making Book of Wedding Dress Making20,000
Book of Wedding Skirts Making Book of Wedding Skirts Making20,000
Book of Wizard Hats Making Book of Wizard Hats Making20,000
Book of Yellow Dye Book of Yellow Dye5,000
Egratia Ring Building Egratia Ring Building4,000
Emerald Valley Ring Building Emerald Valley Ring Building4,000
Glacmor Ring Building Glacmor Ring Building4,000
Hulda Ring Building Hulda Ring Building4,000
Hurquin Ring Building Hurquin Ring Building4,000
Idaloran Ring Building Idaloran Ring Building4,000
Imbroglio Islands Ring Building Imbroglio Islands Ring Building4,000
Irinveron Ring Building Irinveron Ring Building4,000
Iscarlith Ring Building Iscarlith Ring Building4,000
Isle of the Forgotten Ring Building Isle of the Forgotten Ring Building4,000
Kusamura Ring Building Kusamura Ring Building4,000
Palon Vertas Ring Building Palon Vertas Ring Building4,000
Sedicolis Ring Building Sedicolis Ring Building4,000
Trassian Ring Building Trassian Ring Building4,000