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NPC: Gustav

Location: Southern Kilaran Field Carmien Manor

Coordinates: 115, 39

The superintendant of Carmien Manor.


Speak the Words

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*You see an old man fully content in dusting a bookshelf full of ancient-looking books. As you approacEL-DB.comh, he notices you and quickly assumes a very professional demeanor.* Salutations, how may I help you?

Who are you?
My name is Gustav, at your service. *He bows ever so slightly* I am the Superintendent of the manor, or in other words I manage the mansion and the property for my Master. Or at least, that's what I used to do, when I still had half a dozen servants at my disposal to see to all the various chores.

Nowadays, they are all gone, and I have to take care of things in a more direct manner. In short, I'm serving as a butler, custodian, and generally guarding my Master's property.

What is this place?
You are in the mansion known as Carmien Manor, once a glorious and splendid household, now, to my disgrace, it is in total disarray. But given the recent unpleasantness, I could not very well manage any better than I'm doing right now.

You might have seen the disgraceful state of the village down south. *He kneels to get a book from the floor, lovingly blows the dust off it, and sets it back in the bookshelf.* The old Master did his part as well you know? When those hideous monsters started pouring in from Desert Pines, he summoned the villagers and organized a firm stand on the bridge across the river.

Despite the numbers of their legions, our valiant troops would not yield, and it was thus that the northern part of our region was spared from major destruction. Carmien Village, in the south, was not so lucky, and it was savagely attacked by the enemy hordes.

And then?
Disaster struck. At the height of the battle, while my Master's troops had almost defeated the opponents and were preparing to march across the bridge and reconquer the southern head, a detachment of invaders entered from North Kilaran taking us by surprise and attacking the rear guard. The nearly defeated legions on the south bank saw the confusion in the north and renewed their attack.

No matter how valiant our troops were, they were still peasants who were hastily recruited in an emergency. A raid diminished our and we were defeated. The invaders proceeded to siege the dwarven city of Nordcarn, despite their numbers dwindling from our efforts.

Lord Quinticus, Master of Carmien and of the lands of Kilaran. He has not been in residence lately. *You notice his embarrassment.* He was a proud and great warrior in his time, you know...

There is something else?
... I think I owe you a word of caution. After the defeat, my Master's spirit was broken. Valor and military prowess, to which he had devoted his entire life, had failed him. Lord Quinticus started lending his ear to vile counselors, and before I knew it, he had become a follower of the same Dark God that had laid waste our lands.

Dark God
I would rather not speak that name, for it has been invoked inside these walls much longer than I would have liked. I am convinced my Master's intentions were noble; he wanted to study and employ the Dark God's magic for our protection, and against him. But, alas, that was not to pass. He started researching the arts of the enemy, getting deeper and deeper in their practice.

I overheard talks with certain priests who wanted to lift the Dark God's curse that protects his minions and cast it on our own soldiers, making them immortal - and invincible. But pardon me, I will not speak further on the subject since I am still bound by my oath of allegiance to the Carmiens. Just this: condemn not the fall of a great man before proving yourself his better.

I don't know the details of how the siege went. You might want to ask a local history expert in Nordcarn. Our dwarven neighbors are pretty good at keeping detailed histories. My Master would have loved to read them. *He distractedly keeps dusting while still talking to you* But our stand on the bridge saved a siege to White Stone City, Lord Luxin could well show some gratitude...

Lord Luxin
He is the ruler in White Stone City, and in truth, most of White Stone. That makes him probably the most powerful ruler in Seridia right now, although the claim is contested. Before the war the Matajin would probably have claimed the title for themselves. Carmien was more or less in their sphere of influence, but the Master managed to maintain somewhat of a balance.

The Matajin Empire was governing all of Tahraji, in the far west, and a number of other lands. They haEL-DB.comd colonies and markets all over the coast, and a storehouse in Carmien Village as well - all gone now!

Tahraji Desert is a scantily populated land now, or at least that is what I have been told by some of my well-traveled friends. But once it was a much richer and more extensive land. Sic transit gloria mundi...

Sic what?
Oh, pardon me. It's a maxim I have read in one of my Master's books. It means 'Thus passes the glory of the world': The Matajin Empire once ruled half of Seridia, and now they are but a tribe confined in a small desert. But I'm digressing, and moreover I'm slacking my duties. Would you pardon me?

One more thing
Sure, what else?

Female orc
Oh, you noticed her? She was let in by the Master when monsters like those were considered an oddity to show your friends. Initially she was kept in a cage in the basement, but gradually she started to behave more like one of those benign pets that nobles like to keep around for their own amusement. But careful, at times she can still be aggressive.

The Manor has a cellar of course, and as far as I know, a more extensive complex system of halls... but the place is riddled with hideous creatures now, except for Thaddeus, and is totally inaccessible. From whence they came, I do not know; I was not allowed to go down there anyway. They must have found a way in.

From what little information I've been able to glean from passersby, he is a self-proclaimed monster exterminator but perhaps if you're careful, you may encounter him as you explore.

I would advise caution, if I may; these lands around are not safe!