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NPC: Gwen

Location: White Stone White Stone City Palace WSC Palace East-Side Hallway WSC Palace Storage Room WSC Palace Dungeon

Coordinates: 361, 233

Chief Engineer for Lord Luxin, studying magnetic fields underground.


Speak the Words

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You see a middle-aged gnome with intelliEL-DB.comgence sparkling in her ever-moving eyes.

Who are you?
My name is Gwen, pleased to meet you. I am Lord Luxin's chief engineer, which makes me the most prominent engineer in White Stone, and one of the best-placed gnomes in Seridia. Of course, I never bolster about it, especially to new acquaintances - it would give a bad impression, don't you think? *She pauses.* Are you the new apprentice my Lord Luxin was talking about?

What are you doing here?
Here? I'm going to measure the intensity of magnetic fields underground; part of my studies. Oh, but you mean what I am doing here in White Stone? Well... it's a long story really. Suffice it to say that I arrived in White Stone as an enemy, but then I was conquered by the beauty of this land and decided to stay here rather than return to my folk in Irilion.

You know, I am an engineer by upraising and by trade; my father was an engineer, my mother was an engineer, my grandpa was... ok, you get it. I believe in numbers and physics. And yet, there is something in White Stone that moved me. Some of the locals told me it was the 'Touch of Aluwen' - but I think I just liked the place. *An open smile graces her face*

Yes, sure
Oh, excellent. Let me check what papers you need then. Let me see... *She looks in a small leather-bound notebook.* Ah, yes: three recommendation letters from different institutions and/or employers, a transcript of your study records, a project proposal, security clearance from Antigone and of course Lord Luxin's personal approval and a note with his sigil. You have everything, right?

No? You are missing something? Then please go and make sure your papers are in order; I cannot take on apprentices only to be troubled by beaurocratic blunders later... Life is too short for that, so it is better to have everything ready at the beginning. Pleasure to meet you, now please don't waste your time - and mine.

Sure, you need Antigone's security clearance. Lord Luxin takes such matters very seriously - you have to go and talk to Antigone. She is the chief of police around here and ask her for your security clearance before you come back.

Which matters?
What do you mean, which matters? Do you think researching innovative weapons for my lorEL-DB.comd's army is a sport for the first pimply-faced apprentice that happens to walk around?

Innovative weapons
I cannot give you the details of course - not until you are fully cleared and sworn into Luxin's service. But you probably know about the Gauss cannons that the Irilians have developed? Well, my Lord asked me to see if we can make something similar for White Stone's armies. Strange things, those Gauss cannons... I have been working on coil technology lately, but there are two major hurdles to overcome still.

First, the strong natural magnetic field we have on Draia makes it difficult to create symmetric magnetic fields, so the trajectories of our test projectiles were all swirling. Second, the coils need to be activated with a very precise timing, and I haven't been able to do so yet. But of course, I cannot tell you any of this - it's a secret!

No, no, I spoke too much already. Sorry, that's privileged information.

Coil technology
I mentioned coil technology?? Oh my... you never heard me talk about that, have I made myself clear?

Good. Now, where were we?

Lord Luxin
Ah, so I take it you have not seen him yet? My Lord Luxin is the ruler here in White Stone. A pretty good ruler, I would say: mindful of his subjects, yet not forgetful of his station and duties. Anyway, I am at his service now.

She is the protecting Goddess of White Stone. I am not much versed in theological questions, and in any case you would be better off asking EL-DB.comsome local inhabitant... If you really want to know more, you might want to seek Neru or Noria, both are normally found in Aluwen's temple.

It is a nice structure - a good engineer would have built it differently, of course. You will recognize the place if you see it, in the middle of the Forest of the Fall, straight east of here.

I will not lie... that man gives me the creeps. At first, I thought he had dark skin... but it really was because he is heavily tattooed. Something just doesn't sit right with me when one has that many body markings. *She shakes her head in disapproval.*

Me? No
Oh, sorry, I mistook you for someone else. Please forgive me, but you can't stay here: this facility is reserved for my experiments. If you happen to see someone wandering around the castle... that might be one of my new apprentices: direct them to this room. Thanks loads!

Have a nice day, and don't get lost in the castle!