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NPC: Haidir

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 380, 311

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Haidir's Pest Extermination
  2. Combat Daily

An exterminator of creatures.


Speak the Words

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*You see an armored elf. You approach him and he EL-DB.comsmiles saying, * Hi there, what can I do you for?

Who are you?
My name is Haidir, but I have a few nicknames too. Nice to meetcha.

I'm an exterminator. If there be any pest problem in Seridia, I'm the fella' to call. Whether it be raccoons, skeletons, or even chimerans, I will clear them out for one fair price. You need anything taken care of?

Well, some call me Arnold and some call me T-800. I guess it is because of my job.

Not at this time
Lucky for you then. Well if you eva' need to be ridden of a pest, you know who to call, and no, it's not the Phantom Busters. *He laughs at your bemused expression.* But thank the gods you don't need a job done, I'm getting overworked.

Phantom Busters
I wouldn't expect you to have heard of them. They used to specialize in exterminating undead, so tourists could have a looky round the likes of Morcraven and Naralik. The business folded after a silly twit of a tourist decided to go poking in the catacombs... let me tell you, it was not pretty...

I know, bit of an odd occupation for an elf, right? You probably think Hahn or Basileus would be better suited for this job. But, as elves, our leaders, Rongon, Vaesura, and Talon teach us to revere all life, hunting animals only for food, and to give thanks when we do. But this job is not quite as wasteful as it seems, and exterminating pests is very important.

It may seem wasteful taking more lives than I need to survive, but they aren't wasted needlessly. I sell the furs and skins to Henrik, who in turn, sells them to pEL-DB.comotioners and manufacturers. The meat I sell to the tavern to feed hungry travelers. Even the bones are used in powdered form for potions or as food to some people.

As I said, we elves revere all life; that means plants too. Alhana once used my services. Have you any idea what little pests can do to crops and flowers? Not to mention the havoc bigger critters cause on unsuspecting travelers! Putting down a few critters to improve the lives of many, is a small price to pay, don'tcha think?

He's a buddy of mine. We work together sometimes. He can track practically anything anywhere. Once he finds it, I go to work and exterminate it.

Like me, he's an exterminator, but he has decided to specialize which limits his clientele. He only kills gargoyles. I can't wait until he meets Chrysos.

Rongon, Vaesura, and Talon are our leaders. They're usually found around here somewhere - they do get around. They are guided by some principals. I don't remember what they're called - Elemenohpee - or something like that. Oh one more thing: there are three of them.

The fur trader, he hangs around Tirnwood Vale a lot. Kinda' hard to miss him. Wouldn't call him a friend, but we do business with each other from time to time.

She runs the flower shop. One day she had to flee her work place because a swarm of bees had taken up residence and my services were required.

If you think I talk weird, you haven't met Chrysos. Don't tell BasileuEL-DB.coms, but when Chrysos starts talking to him, he's gonna pee his cuisses!

I know. It's a hoot ain't it? *He says giggling to himself.* This job has me mixing with all sorts of folk, and it's given me a rightly odd manner of speech. You're not the first to comment on it, though you're surely the politest! *He says with a wink.*

I will be back!
Hasta la vista, baby